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[loathing for unanticipated difficulties]

I happened to receive an email earlier tonight about a couple more things I purchased online. Said email simply told me that they'd be sent out tomorrow, and a tracking number would be provided then, but there's a problem: it is now exactly two weeks until the day I leave for Toronto, and incidentally, shipping a package from the states to Canada generally takes the same amount of time, meaning there's about a 50% chance that I'll not be present for the attempted delivery of the package, and at worst, it will be sent back to the seller, requiring me to pay them for shipping again and then wait another two weeks (approximately), which I'd rather not do. As such, I was looking around Canada Post's site for options just now, and came up with two. One was to print this Letter of Authorization form and list both Mom and Dad as authorized representatives, and the other was to pay $20 to have my mail held for a week starting on the 10th, assuming the package didn't arrive by or before the 9th. I was leaning toward the second one at first, because it's tidier in terms of not having other people here handle my mail and probably forgetting to put anything that come for me in my room, but then I noticed a particularly relevant paragraph in the restrictions section of the Hold Mail FAQ page:

Parcels (e.g., Priority™ Next A.M., Xpresspost™, Expedited Parcel™ and Regular Parcel™) may be delivered and/or carded during the "Hold" period. Customers expecting any parcel deliveries should advise the sender(s) to delay shipping until their return.

Maybe USPS parcels are exempt, but maybe also the "e.g." right at the start of the text in brackets means that said restriction applies to all packages, and I'd have essentially wasted $20, had I opted to have my mail held. As such, I'm going to wait until the 9th anyway, and if there's no sign of it by then, I'll find some way to print that form, and give it to Mom and Dad with specific instructions about how it is to be used. I have to think that'd be kind of fun anyway - going away for a week and having fun, then coming home and finding a new box in my room to open <3

In non-package-related news, I'm just tired today. I don't know what part of me it was that decided getting up at 1:30pm (when I didn't get to sleep until nearly 7am) would be a good idea, but I did, and then spent a couple hours generally being bored before Mom got back from her running around, and I was able to go out on my own. Our first stop was Payless for new work shoes, then we went over to Dollarama where I picked up four eight-packs of peanut butter cups and three bags of the miniature variety while Mom bought some shampoo, then it was over to Real Canadian Superstore for chocolate chips, then back to Dollarama because I'd forgotten to get Hershey bars the first time, and also wanted to get one of the pencil cases they had up near the front), and our final stop was work, to get my pay stub. Before I talk about what I did with the edible items though, I purchased three bags of mini peanut butter cups, yes? They were in the car, and thus in the sun unprotected for ten minutes at most, yes? Go figure that this is what I have now. Three peanut butter cup logs, which I will find a use for, but they seriously weren't in the sun that long, so I'm fairly baffled. What's more, as if to add insult to injury, neither of the other Dollaramas in this city carry those anymore, from what I can tell. Yay, and all that other stuff.

Now, as for what I did with the chocolate chips and everything else, I made two relatively new cookie recipes. The first was / were normal chocolate chip cookies, but with whole peanut butter cups inside, and I think it's safe to say that they still need some work. The first sheet was completely devoid of any saltiness, so I tried adding a quarter-teaspoon of salt to the second batch, and for some inexplicable (to me) reason, those ones didn't bake properly. Either that, or salt is actually supposed to increase the baking time by at least three minutes, and still leave the cookies looking anemic when they come out of the oven. Both Trish and Adam said they were delicious, but Trish also didn't understand what I meant when I said the first batch was lacking saltiness, so they're either easy to please, or I'm much to fussy. I think the second one is right in this case. Regardless, I have some of those to bring in to work tomorrow, and as for the second recipe / variety, they were the same s'mores cookies as before, but with fudge chocolate chips instead of normal semi-sweet, and with a coating of melted chocolate and a little bit of shortening on the bottom. Said flourish really only serves to make the cookies difficult to eat, for the chocolate coating starts melting within a few seconds of picking one up, but the fudge chips instead were good, so I think I need to put one or two bags of those on my list of things to buy ahead of time for Toronto. Oh, and as a random aside here, I realized something earlier that still kind of bothers me. Cookies are baked, yet they're called cookies. Bak(e)ies doesn't really have the same ring to it, but yes, that's kind of odd in a completely unimportant way.

As for the rest, I think I'm going to bed early tonight. Pretty much everything is done, up to and including the whole wall of my room that's opposite me right now (even the window and frame, which was a thoroughly unpleasant mess), and I'm definitely taking a break from that tomorrow. The only parts left to be done until I move my bed over to the other side of my room are the inside of my closet door, and the part of my wall where all my games and such are, meaning I'm going to have to take all of those down, then do the same with the shelves, and that's just going to take a while, but yeah. I would like to reply to Qemba before I call it a night to ask how much a wall scroll-sized print would cost, so I'm going to do that now. Well, right after I type this last sentence, that is~

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