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I've Been Saving This

Oh, why are there always too many loose ends to tie up? Right now I have laundry downstairs in the washing machine that will need to be switched over to the dryer, but it's a couple minutes after 4:30 now, and as I've been unable to access this site for a majority of the past day and a half, I have quite a few things to write about, but fear I'll get too tired too quickly to do justice to all of them, plus having dishes to take downstairs as well, and just... yay. That being said though, the things - since early Wednesday morning - have been going pretty okay. Especially right now, because earlier tonight I sat out on the front porch with my laptop for half an hour waiting for James, and watched with excitement as it became more and more apparent that a thunderstorm was on its way. I don't think the rain is actually falling yet, however, but there is quite a bit of thunder. At any rate, I'm going to try to go through my list in chronological order, which means I'm starting with a quick paragraph or two about work on Wednesday night.

a] The Third Person Makes a World of Difference
Because it was so busy last Wednesday - or so I'm told - we were given three closers for the same night this week. James, Laura, and me. On my way in there I was hoping Laura would try to take care of line herself for most of the night so James or I could run around getting other things caught up and ready for closing, but as it turned out, he was on drive through, I was on line, and she did mostly everything else, which actually helped more than her being on line would've. Because it wasn't overly busy then, I was able to get almost all of the closing-related stuff up front done early, then asked if she'd be willing to take over for me so I could scrub the floors, which led to that being done by 10:30, and us ultimately getting out in much better time, thanks to it being just as not-busy after midnight. I only wonder if the same thing will happen tomorrow as well. She and I are still closing, but Cheryl will be there instead of James, so there's a slight chance. It'd be nice, because I feel like Monday is getting really close now, and I can't wait to actually sleep in on a day off for once <3

b] A Tidy Solution to Package Uncertainty
This, of course, regards the package I mentioned in my second-most-recent entry - the one I was afraid wouldn't arrive in time, and thus was prepared to give Mom and Dad a letter of authorization to pick up on my behalf. When I came home from work on Wednesday night, the most recent message I had from the seller of the items in the package was what I had received before - that they'd check with their shipper for an estimate of when it would arrive - so I went to bed thinking nothing of it, and woke up in the morning to a pleasant surprise. The seller had contacted me again to say that they'd asked their shipper, and it looked like the package would have arrived while I was away, so they paid the extra to upgrade it to Priority, and thus I could expect it to arrive sooner. I did not ask, nor did I try to hint at it hoping they'd pick up on the clues, so to hear that was a pleasant surprise. It's like last Christmas, when I bought those DVDs of The Waltons, and the seller of those did the same thing - upgraded the shipping - as thanks for the prompt payment. This time, however, I sent the seller the $20 I previously had set aside to have my mail held as a way of saying thanks, so now it's just a matter of waiting, hopefully only until the end of next week at latest <3

c] Fifteen Days is the Limit
Somewhat apropos to the above, after I saw that email, I went back to sleep for another couple hours, and eventually woke up and went downstairs to find a delivery slip on the counter, with my name on it. No, no, it wasn't for the package mentioned just previously, but for one I've been waiting for since about the beginning of the month. The only hint I'll give as to its contents are that I bought what was in it right after I finished my linked Oracle of Ages game, and decided I enjoyed it enough to look for a certain something related to it. Anyway, said slip indicated that my package would be available for pickup after 1pm on Thursday, so I took it upstairs and put it on the shelf right next to my lamp, thinking nothing of it until I got home from work. It was then that I wondered if the slip happened to state how long packages would be held for, or in other words, if the slip would state how long my other package would've been held had it arrived sometime between the 11th and 17th of August. The idea was that if it was two weeks or more, then I had nothing to worry about in regards to it showing up while I was away - if it came on the 11th, they'd hold it until at least the 25th (11+14), and I would be well back by then. What did the slip say? That any packages that were undeliverable on the first attempt would be held for fifteen calendar days. Thus I would've been fine even if the seller didn't upgrade the shipping, but I'm glad they did anyway, because as mentioned previously, I'd rather everything was in order before I left~

d] Even More Mail-Related Stuff
There will be two things in this section. For one, my keychain came today. I was initially worried that it wouldn't show up until next week, because I'm almost positive the holiday weekend starts tomorrow, but I was just sitting in bed waiting for it to be 1:00 so we could go grocery shopping, when Mom knocked on my door to say she was ready to go whenever I wanted, and also that she "had my mail". I eagerly got up and opened the door, and sure enough, she was holding a small padded envelope. It really is a nice keychain (although that doesn't say much when I don't have a picture uploaded to link to), and also included in the package was a nice handwritten note that said "Thank you for your purchase!" along with the actual picture used to make the keychain, so I'm really pleased with that whole purchase / commission. Unlike the previous person I was supposed to get keychains from, this one was completed inside of two weeks, and - even though the artist / commissionee didn't really have any direct influence on it - arrived well before my deadline of "By or before the 10th of August". I wanted it to have to take to Toronto, but now I have it to take to work at least three times as well, and it also went to Real Canadian Superstore with me earlier, where I chose to wait until we were walking through the store selecting our groceries to swap the keys from my old ring to the new one.

As for the second point, it concerns Brandon's package. He ordered that back at the beginning of the month, but even now, the order status page says that it's in processing for shipping. That just might be acceptable, if it weren't for the fact that said status has been there since the 5th, so I contacted the support email address when I got home, and woke up in the morning to find a new email saying that it had been sent out on the 22nd, and could take anywhere from two to eight weeks to arrive. I sent Brandon a copy of that email, being sure to note that my personal estimate was that it'd arrive by next week at absolute earliest, but even if not, I don't see it taking eight weeks to arrive. That's far too long, but what's equally as bad is how it took them (MerchNOW) seventeen days to send it out. Two weeks! Maybe the shirt and CD (that's what Brandon wanted) were on back-order, but in that case, send the customers affected by that an email to inform them of the delay. Please. I might also ask why I wasn't given the tracking number until I contacted the support email, but I won't bother. All that matters is it'll get here eventually, and yes, I most certainly did tell Brandon that my going away in a couple weeks might affect that, and if it does, Mom or Dad will be able to pick the package up for me (assuming it's not able to be delivered at the house), and then I'll try to work out something with him via email so that he can get it from them.

e] Speaking of Brandon...
I brought chocolate-chip-with-peanut-butter-cup-in cookies to work on Wednesday night to share with everybody, and his first reaction upon biting into one was that it was "[expletive]-ing delicious". He then went on to actually tell me that I would make more for him, and he would pay me, so I said if he actually wanted to do that, it'd be about $10 for one batch. He agreed, so I then said that I would drop them off at 8pm on Thursday at earliest, which he was completely fine with. Skip ahead to 7pm tonight, and I was downstairs in the kitchen baking cookies for him. Ten dollars for eighteen cookies seems more than fair considering they're homemade, and I definitely won't fuss about people wanting to pay me for them, so I finished with those, bagged them up, and then Mom and I got in the car to drive up to work and drop them off. Sure enough, I actually had to go across the street with Brandon's debit card and PIN to get money so that he could pay me, but he did, and then suddenly James, who was also there, started up about how he wanted some of his own as well, so Brandon gave me the other ten dollars he had, presumably planning to collect the same amount from James later, and I got in the car to go back home, feeling quite pleased. One person paying me for cookies or other baked goods is nice, but two people is, well, it hadn't ever happened before now. At any rate, I made up another batch for James at about 2 in the morning, which he picked up on the way home from work, and I now have $20 that I didn't before. The only thing about the second batch was that I was short a quarter-cup of flour, thus necessitating such convoluted measurements as 1¾ eggs, or ¾ cup + 2tbsp + 2tsp of melted margarine (as opposed to a full cup with the proper amount of flour), but they looked okay when I pulled them out of the oven, and thanks to trying not to use too much dough, just in case it ran out before the last cookie, I had enough left over afterward to make another 5 normal chocolate chip cookies, which I gave to James as well.

Also, since I can't really fit this in anywhere else, when I went to work to drop Brandon's cookies off tonight, I heard Laura lament about how she's yet to be able to try anything that I brought in. Back on Wednesday she actually (somewhat inexplicably) asked who made all the cookies and such that I brought in, and seemed genuinely surprised when I said "I did". As for her not trying them yet, that is nobody's fault but hers. Back when I brought that Rocky Road Freeze in, I offered her one of the remaining three pieces before I left to go home, which she declined, then back on Wednesday, the cookies were out in plain sight, and I told everybody that they were welcome to have one, but she didn't. The best part? I don't plan to bring anything in tomorrow. Even if I wanted to, we don't have any flour.

f] Really Sloppy of you, Dollarama
Since the beginning of the week, I've been to the store out by Walmart twice, and the one in the mall once. The first time I went, it was out to the one near Walmart, and I purchased four packages of peanut butter cups, three Hershey bars, three packages of mini peanut butter cups, and a pencil case, as mentioned previously, in the same entry I linked to the picture of my melted bags of mini peanut butter cups. We went back to the same store this afternoon, and just out of curiosity, I squeezed some of the packages that were still up on the pegs, there, and found them to all (at least the ones that I touched) be melted. Seriously. Just randomly selling melted chocolate, which is incredibly not-useful when you need it to be in solid form. I still bought six more packages of the normal sized peanut butter cups, and the other pencil case I didn't get last time (the first was purple and white, and the second, pink and white instead) though, so it wasn't entirely a waste. Then, while Brandon's cookies were cooling, I went out to the Dollarama in the mall to see if they had the same pencil cases in any other colors there (I want all that are available...), and noticed that they had mini peanut butter cups again. Unfortunately, just as the other location's were, theirs were all melted too, right back to the back of the peg, which is... just unacceptable. Maybe not to all people, sure, but I'd rather see them as out-of-stock instead of available but unusable. I didn't say anything to the cashier, although I really should've, but yeah. The couple bags I got from Food Basics were fine, so I don't see why Dollarama can't follow suit.

I think those are pretty much all of the important points. I did also have a draft worked up about some really obscenely ugly drama that was going on here a couple days ago (involving Naomi calling Trish a "manipulative little shrew" and more or less demanding that she pack up her things and leave), but I'm not sure if I'll get to that anymore. As far as I know, they've settled their differences since then, meaning there isn't as much for me to gain from talking about it, even in a protected entry, but still, some of the things she said (Naomi's true feelings came out in a message she posted on Tumblr) leave me so speechless that I still want to write about them. For example, Naomi believes that she is the sole reason Trish and Adam are still together. And then accuses Trish of having "really bad energy", and being "mopey", "depressing", "lethargic", and having grossly overstepped her boundaries. Quite frankly, Naomi, she's a member of the family, whether you like it or not. Get over yourself, or you'll quickly find your protests simply being ignored.

On the better side of things, I finished almost all of my wall-cleaning tonight. I took everything off the wall that the shelves which my games are on are attached to, then took the shelves and supports down as well, and scrubbed the entire thing, so all that's left to be done before Fall is the sides and inside of my closet door, and the door to the spare room, if I manage to get there. I think after this, I'm going to start working on the kitchen as well. It really needs some work, and for the moment, all I have planned for Monday and Tuesday of next week is going to Value Village to look for another shirt or two. As for right now though, it's about ten minutes to six, so I'm going to go switch my laundry over, and that will be it for the night. Going to sleep with a storm rumbling in the background should be really pleasant, and I've been tired pretty much all day, so finally laying down should be nice and rewarding <3

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