Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Don't Want to Pay

It's starting to look like that'll be my best option. It was about a month ago now that I made the decision, but about halfway through uploading my movies from last time I went to Toronto to YouTube, I would up making the decision to switch over to Vimeo. Something about how that site looks alot cleaner, I think. The problem with it is that free accounts are limited to uploading 500MB per week, for one, and two, can upload only 1 HD video per week, and guess what nearly every single video I have from that trip is? Yes indeed. Thus far I've trying to just be patient, waiting until Friday or Saturday and uploading one, so I can then upload another only a day or two later, but I still have way more movies than there are weeks left until I go away in August, so it might just be better to buy a one-month Plus account. I believe that's only $9.95, which is reasonable, but it also auto-renews each month unless you opt out of that, and I shouldn't have to say that I'd be pretty annoyed if I forgot that, and they tried to take another $10 from my card when there weren't enough funds available. The other problem is how that's not really a necessity. The only things I absolutely need to pay for between then and now are prints of my commissions from Qemba, and various small groceries so I can bring them with me on the train instead of having to buy them there. Nothing else though, aside from TekSavvy's payment for this month, but the money is on my card, and I'm going to guess the only reason it hasn't been taken yet is because this is a holiday weekend. Which completely sucks for Sunday, but I went over that before.

Further to something else I wrote about yesterday now, I was fairly certain that Brandon's package wouldn't arrive until next week, if not after that, yet by some miracle, I went downstairs and found it - or some other package that just happens to be labeled "Band merchandise" as well - on the counter. As such, I immediately emailed him asking if he was at work, and if not, when he would next be there, but I didn't receive a response before I left for my shift, and thus checked the schedule when I got there, to see that he has the entire weekend off, and won't be back until Monday. Splendid. So now along with everything else, I want to go shirt-shopping, start deep-cleaning the kitchen, tidy up my desktop, and find time to go give Brandon his package on that day. Then comes Tuesday, which will hopefully just be used to relax, although it'd be nice if my one remaining package arrives then because it'd give me something else to do, because I'm back to work from Wednesday through to Monday, with no other days off except for Thursday. Acceptable when the new schedule goes right up to when I'll be leaving, but more and more it's looking like I'll have a whole bunch of stuff to do right on the last night.

Then again though, if work continues to be anything like last night was, then things there should go pretty smoothly. It was extremely busy at first, which was understandable given the circumstances of the weekend, but once it slowed down, well, it might be easier to just say that the benefit of Laura still being new became apparent. I don't want it to sound like I take advantage of her, but I don't think any other manager would quite as readily agree to take over my position so I could run around and get some things caught up, multiple times in one night, at that. Without it though, I would've been behind, and that would've made the entire night generally annoying instead of fun and enjoyable, but there's still one more piece to it. Laura, being new, both to closing and closes with me, seemingly doesn't realize that if I say I'm fine on my own with whatever I'm doing, that I actually, really am. There were lots and lots of dishes at the back last night, so around 1 in the morning I said if she'd take over on line I would clean the floors, then she could go work on dishes or have a smoke or do whatever else when I was done, so we did that, and sure enough, not ten minutes after I took over again, she came up to help, and wouldn't leave until I explained that yes, I was quite fine. I'm used to working on my own. I generally prefer to work on my own, both for personal reasons, and because it frees up somebody else to go do other work. It just makes me wonder what'll happen next week, when it's just she and I closing. Probably nothing too remarkable, but it's too early to say for sure.

At any rate, I really ought to email Qemba to see if she was able to find out the pricing for a wall-scroll print, and then I'm going to get started on my desktop-cleaning, I think. This is actually right about the time I was just waking up yesterday, which was extremely nice when I didn't get to sleep in on Thursday, then today I woke up at 2:30 instead, so hopefully by the time Monday comes, I'm either back to waking up around 1:30 or 2 again, or maybe I'll just give myself a little treat, and stay up as early as possible, then sleep in. But yes. There's also some music I want to put on my PSP, so I'm going to get started on that right now~

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