Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Starting to See a Pattern

Not that I really want to mention packages again, but Brandon just came by to pick his up about half an hour ago, meanwhile, kind of in turn for that, I bought a new USB cable for my external speakers last night (laughably only because I needed something to do while waiting for my supper to cook, and didn't get around to it the other night), so what should I buy next, whenever the package I'm hoping shows up this week comes? Maybe some apple pie spice for cookies, because I remember looking at that online before and thinking it'd be tasty (with plain oatmeal cookies, that is), but not buying any then because it wasn't a necessity. Not that the speaker cord is really a necessity either, but I noticed last night that the one bundled with the speakers is starting to become worn from being wrapped too tightly around them, and instead of waiting for it to break before ordering another, I'll take the proactive route once again. One might also argue that external speakers aren't a necessity either, but I'd disagree to that. My earphones, while nice, do not nearly provide the volume that I like with some of my music. For example, I played a simfile of m1dy's "Freedom" in StepMania the other night, and by the end of it, my ears were considerably warmer than before. Or for another example, that song called "FREEDOM DiVE" by xi is no good unless it is so loud that one cringes while listening to it. Then again, that could just be me, but only half listening to music is the listening part <3

Anyway, as for that other package, the tracking page now says it's in Mississauga to be reviewed by customs, which makes me worried, because the guides I bought for Oracle of Ages and Seasons were delayed for nearly a week while the page for them displayed the same message. Then again, they were in Vancouver, so maybe the people in Mississauga are faster or something. I already know nothing will come tomorrow, and considering that Brandon has picked up his shirt and CD now too, that would make for even less to do on my first day off, were it not for one thing. A new promotion, and thus a new item starts on Monday, August the 1st, which, incidentally, is tomorrow. I believe it's called a "Steak Flatbread Sandwich", and comes on a nice square piece of flatbread instead of the standard round ones, so I'll definitely try to get some of those to experiment with. At any rate, the sandwich comes with steak, cheese, and sauce, and is only $1.99, so regardless of anything else tomorrow, I'll probably go up there to get one. I did also ask Mom about going to Value Village earlier, and she said that's fine as long as they're open, and then that'll leave me with the rest of the afternoon / evening for cleaning. I've decided to leave my desktop stuff until Monday the 8th too, because part of that will be Gmail Backup, and there's no point running it while I'm still expecting emails in the interim.

On a different topic now, something amusing happened at work last night. A group of people who ended up telling me to keep their ~$4 in change called at the end of the night to say that their order was messed up. They were apparently missing some ~$15 worth of food, meanwhile all three of us (Gabby, Cheryl, and I) knew that their order was correct when it went out the window, but that's not the funny part. The lady who called mentioned that she'd given me a tip, which was true, but then went on to say that it "Would've been more if the order was taken properly". I beg your pardon? Do you mean to imply that you knew your order was incorrect before leaving the window? If that were the case, then why didn't you say anything? It didn't make me feel guilty in the slightest, and Gabby just took their information to put in the book, saying that that's what Melissa would've done, but the complaint itself was kind of odd. Also, on a completely different note, a cat was sitting right in the middle of Wellington Street West (about halfway down), so I picked it up and moved it over to the sidewalk, then started to walk away, and ended up having a companion the rest of the way down the street. Thankfully, the only person that passed during that time was a cop, because I can just imagine people saying "Oh, there was a cat walking home with the cat guy on Saturday night!", and yeah. Sad in a way (for the cat), but it did also have a collar, so I can only hope it made it back to whichever house it was from this morning.

Now I am off to work though, for what I hope will be a short, satisfying shift. Probably long in reality, unfortunately, because I haven't eaten anything today in preparation for going to 7-11 later. What's more, I just took a shower, and my hands are already starting to get irritatingly dry. It started last night, and I ended up having to wear gloves while taking orders and such just so they wouldn't bother me. I have moisturizer here though, so I'll use some of that, and yes. That should be it for now~

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