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Game Called on Account of Fatigue

Nearly two hours, and just over 400,000 points. To think I couldn't sustain a round of Lumines for longer than thirty minutes before... Maybe it helps that I've been playing it almost exclusively with my free time for about a week now, but yeah. What's even better is that I found a PC version of the game too, which I've had downloaded for a couple days now and is quite certainly the newest permanent game on my laptop. It's just easy to pick up and play, and unlike StepMania, takes only a couple seconds to load. I still am playing that as well though, but there's little considerable progress to make in that game. I beat Strangeprogram again, which is only my second time, and with a rank of C, at that, but not much else. I think I'm still improving little by little, but without making a drastic change to the way I play the game (such as with two hands instead of one, or with a proper, non-laptop keyboard so I can press three or more keys at one time when need be), noticeable improvements are extremely far and few between. I'm done with both of those for tonight though, because I'm already at the point of barely being able to keep my eyes open, and I'd like to write about things today before I go to bed, just in case I end up being busy from the time I wake up tomorrow.

As such, something else of interest is that George finally emailed me, no more than five minutes after I left for work, which was just perfect. Because of that, I didn't see his email until shortly after midnight, but for what it's worth, he said "sorry it took me forever to email you", "i'm finally home today and for a bit tomorrow", and "so let me know as soon as you get this if you wanna hang out for a bit. And if i can get those show you got me too". I responded to say that I was home both tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday, so if he wanted to come over to get his shows updated and such, to just let me know, and also asked when - after the 17th of August - the next time he'd be home for at least a full day would be, because I still want to make him / them cookies. As it is now, the chances of him even coming over for a bit tomorrow are slim, but we'll see what happens. It'd be nice to see him again, just to talk about what's happened since his last shift and so on, and also, the way he said "if you wanna hang out for a bit" reminded me of something rather uncomfortable. Remember a couple years ago when there was that friend who was going away to Windsor, which upset me because it seemed like we didn't have nearly enough time to hang out, and they said if I ever wanted to I should just send them a message in MSN? Yeah. Was I ever that needy? Obviously yes, but it's really quite embarrassing to think about now. I really don't think it applies to George in any way, but the way he worded that email reminded me of those things from before, and yes.

To switch over to a better topic now, as it turned out, James ended up closing instead of Cheryl tonight, which gave me a chance to ask how he liked his cookies. He didn't say anything too specific, mentioning only that they were good, and there are still four or five left, but I did find something else that he said neat. As mentioned back on that night I made a cookie pizza and took it in to give to him, George, and Orlando, he took a picture of it right after the bag was removed, and apparently one of his friends saw the picture, because now they want one of their own. Thus, James needed to know from me what price I would ask, so I said twenty dollars, as that's fair. About six dollars for the cookie crust, roughly the same amount for the icing, and the rest for toppings. Whether or not this friend will agree to that price wasn't mentioned before I left, but I most definitely wouldn't mind making another one of those for somebody else. What's more, Audrey - a somewhat new girl who I don't really like and therefore only kind of get along with - said that she wants to buy something from me, but doesn't know what. Oh, and apparently Laura was also thinking that I should be a caterer or something. I don't think that'd be too bad, but it never came to mind before now, so I don't have anything else to say about it as yet... That aside though, thinking about all of the above eventually put some thoughts in my mind to make something special for my last weekend supper shift before I go away, which will be Friday, after Melissa saying she was disappointed when I didn't have anything before. I have no doubt that she was just kidding, but as long as I find myself out at Food Basics or some other grocery store before the 5th, I'll make one of those Skor cakes. I really would like to do that <3

As for other plans for tomorrow and such, I completely forgot to both take my almost-empty bottle of bleach to work to fill up today, just as it also slipped my mind to bring another bottle home, and return it when I was finished. I filled it up and put it in the bathroom, but then went off to mop or something, and that was that. I still have enough to do my doors and the visible surfaces in the kitchen though, so that'll be a start. If I stay up much longer I'm going to be tired all afternoon again though, so I'm off to bed once again. Off to bed, and will probably hear Gmail Notifier's sound in about 15 minutes, signaling what will surely be a reply from George. It's already happened once...

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