Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Same Feeling as Always

I can't help feeling the following doesn't carry the same significance as it once did, but even so, I have a feeling this is going to be a very long afternoon / evening at work. Even though I'm done an hour earlier than my past couple supper shifts, and even though I essentially have the night to myself upon getting home, I'm really tired already, entirely because I went back on my rule about never going to bed early last night.

In my defense, it was a sound idea at the time. I was mindlessly bored, and also figured that by going to bed around 4 and waking up at noon, I'd be one day into preparing myself for waking up early next week, but that kind of didn't go as planned. I slept from about 4 to 9, then woke up feeling disoriented, just as expected, then went back to sleep for all of two hours, and I've been awake since 11. Now, it should also be noted that I haven't been able to sleep well recently, due to much anxiety over things that should be settled by the time I get home from work tonight, but where this afternoon and tonight are concerned, I'm ready to go back to bed right now, but I can't due to having to go to work in a bit, and following that, I'll probably get tired around 2 or 3 in the morning, but maybe I should just go with that. It's only logical given my thoughts last night, but I don't think I'm at the point quite yet where going to bed a couple hours early wouldn't feel like an improper use of my time. That being said though, I do have some things to keep me busy tomorrow (such as going to Food Basics and Dollarama to get everything needed to make a cake to take to work on Friday), so hopefully I won't be quite so bored then.

I really don't know what to blame lately though. Lack of interesting things happening, for one (George emailed me again yesterday afternoon to say that he got my message, but was already back on the road and didn't know when he'd be home again for more than a day), being ridiculously preoccupied, for two, and... yeah. I ended up having to reinstall Windows 7 on Monday, so that gave me something to do, but it's pretty much all back to the way it was now. Unfortunately, I lost all of my recently-downloaded wallpapers, and apparently I didn't back up my Lumines save, but I'm pretty sure I have everything else. The next steps will be to update my backup PSP music folder so it corresponds with what's actually on my PSP right now, and then I think I'll also set aside some time to sort through the external drive with files not specific to any other drive to delete old things from there. I still have a text file of information from back when I was applying for my passport, for example, and while I might still want to keep that around, the important parts of it would be better put into Keepass, if they aren't already. I also need to figure out to do with the music on there. By that I mean when I buy music from Lapfox Trax and such, I opt to download the FLAC version of the album(s), and then convert those files into VBR MP3s from there. Thus, I should be able to delete the source files after that, but I don't want to. I find myself wondering if there's any perceptible difference between VBR and 320kbps CBR MP3s, and if so, whether or not I should invest the time in re-converting those FLACs, then re-tagging all the MP3s, which frankly sounds like alot of work. The MP3s I have right now sound perfectly fine to me, and surely they're marginally smaller in VBR format, but yeah. Quandary and all that.

It is, sadly, about time I was leaving for work, however. Getting up for a minute just now has me feeling a little more alert, but that's absolutely no indication of what I'll feel like after walking to work. It's beautifully overcast right now, but apparently still humid, so maybe that means it'll rain later. It did last night, so I went out to 7-11 (even though I've been trying to eat as little as possible recently thanks to boredom causing me to eat all three of those mini peanut butter cup logs on Monday night...), but I think I could be content - if it rains again - with going to Tim Hortons for a peach juice of somesuch. I just remembered I have an email to send though, so I'd better do that with these last couple minutes~

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