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Leave it to Me

I finally asked Dad to borrow the DVDs for season 7 of The Waltons from him today, and just now decided to look into ripping the episodes I couldn't download, but there's a problem. Want to know what it is? I have all of season 7. It's season 6 that won't finish downloading, but he's already in bed, so I can't ask tonight, and have to work until midnight tomorrow so I won't have nearly enough time then. I still am ripping one episode, just to get a feel for the program, but here I thought I was actually getting down to doing something with my night, only to be stopped short. Still, that statement isn't entirely fair, as I went several places earlier (and spent about $160 in the process...), but prior to starting writing this, I was feeling the same way as I felt back on Tuesday, but because I was rather overwhelmed instead of bored.

You see, I started into cleaning up the external hard drive mentioned previously yesterday night, and eventually came upon one folder that just wouldn't delete, saying either that I didn't have sufficient permissions, or that the directory wasn't empty, which was pretty strange. Searching for that led to a site advising scanning the disk with chkdsk, but last time I did that, I ended up temporarily losing most of the files, and by the time I finished sorting out the rest of the random cruft that was on the drive, was too tired to continue. Skip ahead to this afternoon, and I set up Unstoppable Copier to move everything over to a different external drive which had more than enough space to hold those files, and then we (Mom, Naomi, and I) went out. First to Canadian Tire and Shoppers, for milk and something I'll mention in a minute, then out to Future Shop to buy a new 2TB external drive which I'm tentatively thinking about returning now, then over to Real Canadian Superstore, and finally back home. Once there, I procrastinated for a bit but eventually got around to formatting the first drive, followed by running both the command line and GUI versions of chkdsk a couple times each, neither of which reported any problems. Still, I'm not content to call it a day and go back to using the drive as usual, so I currently have my netbook set up, with SpinRite loaded from my old USB stick, and it's scanning that drive. Unfortunately (and also amusingly) that's currently estimated to take another 34 hours to complete, but quite frankly, I can wait. At worst, no problems with the drive will be reported, meaning that I can then go back to using it as normal (it was only one folder that I couldn't delete, after all...), and I have no reason to be in a rush right now.

As for the 2TB drive I purchased tonight, I'm considering returning it mostly because it's unnecessary. The same capacity drive I have for my TV shows and movies still has ~750GB free, and I daresay no more than half of the 1TB drive all the shows I've downloaded for George and Brandon but don't want to watch myself are on is currently in use. Not to mention I swapped out the other previously failed drive with an 80GB one from our old computer, and that's currently completely empty as well (oddly enough, Windows demanded to format it as soon as I plugged the USB connector in), so while I may think I need more, I really don't. I think I'll keep it until Monday, and if I haven't put it to use by then, will pack it back up in the box and go to Future Shop for a refund. That was ~$113 of what I spent tonight, but as for the remainder, it went to several places. About $39 went to Shoppers, or rather Canada Post, because the package I've been anxiously awaiting came on Wednesday, and has already been sent back, because the contents aren't quite what I was after (what was described as grey is actually only grey-tipped, and otherwise brown), and the seller offered to correct the problem for free. The only caveat is that even with expedited shipping, it won't make it back to them for approximately four business days, which is exactly when I'm leaving for a week, but I'd rather have that than waiting until I return to take care of shipping the package back and all that. Moving on though, the final $9.99 was spent at Real Canadian Superstore, on a package of buns, and a small brick of cheese, with which to make garlic bread. I'm definitely going to need more cheese, however, because I went through almost half the block on three buns, and there are at least twenty in the bag.

Other than that, I might as well go pack that new hard drive up right now so it's not in the way, then maybe get to bed early. Either that, or finish this camera video organization afterward. Oh, and sure, I finally remember just now that I meant to look for a new razor at Real Canadian Superstore. I'll probably just leave for work early tomorrow afternoon and go to Shoppers, now that I don't have a cake to bring in. I was going to before, but then I realized that I'd be bringing it in on Friday afternoon, which will almost certainly be too busy, therefore there's not much point. I do, however, plan to go there before heading to the train station next Wednesday though, but I'm not going to say what I'm thinking about doing then, just in case my plans should change. But yeah. I have some cleaning to take care of, and after that, I can probably find something to keep me busy for several more hours~

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