Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just About Paid for Itself

On the way to work yesterday afternoon, I started once again thinking over what things I still needed to finish before going away, and the most important one (at the time) ended up being uploading the rest of my videos from last time to Vimeo. Paying for a Plus account still seemed to be my best option then, but I reasoned I wouldn't have enough time to go to Money Mart right then, so I'd ask for a ride to work tomorrow, but go there first, then start uploading the rest of my videos when I got home. That, however, changed the moment I got to work at 4:30, and 20 minutes started seeming like more than enough time to go up there. It actually ended up being just enough, because there were three people ahead of me at Money Mart, but I was still able to put another twenty dollars on my card, and looking over the videos that I've uploaded since then, there's only one left from our first trip to the zoo during my previous visit, and the others after that are mostly all on the small side, so they should be relatively quick to upload.

Somewhat ironically though, I wanted to get a plus account because it looked like I couldn't upload more than one HD video per week normally, and while that restriction was lifted once the payment went through, a new one was put in place. I am now limited to 5GB of uploads per week, but there's a workaround, which I discovered completely by accident: clear the site's cookies, or move to a different computer. At first I was uploading videos in Palemoon, but then it started doing that confounded thing where it completely freezes up unless the cursor is kept in motion, so I switched over to Google Chrome, and for just a short moment, couldn't figure out why it showed my remaining available bandwidth for the week as 5.00GB. It makes me wonder if deleting the cookies before would've enabled me to upload more than one HD video in a given week. If so, I didn't need to pay that $10.45 (50 cents for the transaction fee), but it's done, for now, so I'll give that a try - provided I remember - on or after the 6th of September.

In other loosely-related news, seasons one through seven of The Waltons are now ready for George whenever he and I next have the chance to get together, and SpinRite has finished checking the external drive I previously thought was going bad again, reporting no errors whatsoever, so I see no reason to believe it's not in good, working order again, and that I can't start using it once I transfer the files back over. Should it start to be difficult again though, I'll probably look into putting the money into a new internal drive instead, and swap out the drive that's already in that enclosure, as it's simple to take apart. That won't be for at least a couple months, however, because I want to have as much money as possible for this coming week, and I intend to rearrange my room soon anyway, during the process of which, I intend to work out some way of having all of my external drives closer at hand, so I can turn them off when not in use. To be quite honest, I actually just want to clean the wall I haven't been able to get to yet before I leave, and it was cool enough last night that I was able to get a good sleep without having my air conditioner on.

On that note, I should go put it away, actually, so there's one less thing to do when I get started. Then I will continue to wait for Dan to come online, as I urgently need to discuss specific dates for things with him, and go out for supper eventually, as Trish and Adam are going back to the states tomorrow. That wouldn't explain why I can smell hotdogs from here, but I have things to do, so I should go get started~

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