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Karadur Inacu 

Eighteen People is A Lot

Yesterday didn't work out, but I was able to talk to Dan this morning about plans for the coming week. We're going to Brantford on Thursday night to see a play one of his friends invited him to, then to Wonderland on Saturday, and the zoo on Monday. The very first question I asked after hearing that was "If you know now, how many people will be going to Wonderland?" His answer? Eighteen. Yes, really. Here I was picturing a small group of six or seven - maybe eight - people before, so ten more than that is just... wow. We had seriously better split up in the park, because to walk around with seventeen other people all day would be utterly exhausting. I already expect that event to be, even if we are relatively on our own after getting in, but yeah. And as for the zoo... I think "Oh my" is all I can say. There may be fewer people interested in that though, because it wasn't until today that we decided to go on Monday and he said he'd start asking people, but I was thinking about that on the way home from work, and actually started wondering about how it would be taken if I said I was just going off on my own to walk around and enjoy things at my own pace. It's at least good to have specific dates worked out though, because for pretty much all of this past Saturday, I was really annoyed at not even knowing when I'd have a chance to go grocery shopping, let alone bake treats. Speaking of which, I'm almost certainly going to be making less than the past couple times. Three desserts and a supper comprised of two different items is what I have planned thus far, but that could very well be expanded, time and money permitting.

Speaking of which, Dad asked a kind of funny question earlier. I spent all but an hour of my afternoon rearranging my room, so I asked if I could get a ride to work, so I could have a shower first and not have to worry about leaving late, and he said yes, so I went up and did that. Skip ahead to when I was back downstairs putting my shoes on, and he asked how much money Adam owes me right now. I told him (the amount is somewhere between five and nine-hundred dollars), and then he proceeded to tell me that he had a deposit going into the bank on Tuesday, and asked if it would help for my trip if he gave that to me as part of what Adam owes. I said no, explaining that the money I gave Adam came from my savings, and I would be getting paid on Thursday the 11th, so I'd have a bit more money to use then, and he left it at that. As mentioned above, I plan to not make as much stuff this time, but that's because I'm trying to find a balance between making things to share and not spending too much money. As things are right now, I should be okay, and I'm certainly not worried knowing that we get paid this week, but for him to ask that was kind of odd. I already made it clear to Adam that I simply expect to be paid back by next June, and until then, I'm more or less getting by. Oh, and since it's probably worth mentioning too, Adam and Trish went back to the states today. Apparently he's only gone for a week, but that aside, now begins my renewed wondering of whether or not Trish's remark about "not coming back here" after Naomi's second outburst will hold true. I should think not, considering she left Cinnamon (intentionally, of course), but I won't know for sure until December or so.

As for the rest of the day though, it's been kind of unusual, but not in any particularly notable way. As mentioned above, I woke up at 1, and ate breakfast then talked with Dan until 2, then started rearranging my room. I was going to leave that until Tuesday at first, but I'm glad I didn't now, as I was able to get most of the awkward furniture moving done, as well as the wall my bed was previously in the way of cleaned before 7, and had to finish the rest after work. That wasn't too bad either, what with it being my first close with Laura alone and all, but I'm still quite looking forward to my week off. Getting back to work though, what was odd was the electricity. Up until tonight, it had been about half a year since the power went off while I was working, yet it did so twice tonight, with not even a single indication of rain outside. It did storm before I went to work, but it's been quite dry since, so I don't understand. I can't stay up much longer though, so I'm going to set my alarm then call it a night. Should I have time tomorrow, I'll have something different to write part of an entry about (which has to do with filling in the blanks), but not right now. It's nearly 6:00...

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