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Karadur Inacu 

Almost, But Not Quite

If there ever was a good example of things I feel are important not being given any mind by other people, I think this would be just a bit better. Is it annoying to be grouped into the "furry" category, whether by convenience or ignorance? Not really, because it's something I've come to accept, but Dan is one of the people I have actually explained my perceived separation from the fandom to, so I think at very least I could be referred to as "a friend", or "Karadur", instead of just "one". Either that or I really am so insignificant as to not merit being named. Yay.

Having said that, I should now mention that I see that as more of a triviality. The legitimately concerning part of that post are the three words that read "bunch of furries", but as stated in my previous entry, there's an extremely good chance we'll split up into smaller groups upon entering the park. If not, however, then I'll take whatever comes, and maybe want to go again in the future, but with fewer people. On the complete opposite side of things, nobody (aside from Xion) has expressed interest in going to the zoo on Monday yet, because apparently that's a bad day for it, and "most of them have gone already". Fine by me. As long as Monday isn't rainy or exceedingly humid, I would enjoy the opportunity to just go walk around again and enjoy the quiet, as well as to try eating a Beaver Tail without making a terrible mess of myself, and to see if - by unlikely chance - there are new things at either gift shop to buy. I can think of a couple items that I'd like to get right now, but it remains to be seen whether or not they'll still be in stock.

As for preparations for actually leaving tomorrow, I am pretty much ready. Just have to grab some groceries from the basement fridge tomorrow, bag my shampoo and conditioner, and wrap my laptop up in a blanket, and I'll be ready to go. It'll probably be a good bit heavier than last time though, because of the extra stuff I have. This time I'm bringing my baking sheet, 9×13-inch glass pan, and pizza pan, along with my 1TB external hard drive, because it turned out Xion actually did want more TV series than just The Red Green Show. Altogether, he asked for Doctor Who, "anything with Drew Carey", meaning Drew Carey's Green Screen Show, The Drew Carey Show, and the US series of Whose Line is it Anyway?, Pinky & The Brain, and Star Trek. All told, that's about 650GB of data, which took nearly six hours to copy to the external drive earlier (not including Doctor Who, which was already on there), so I think copying them to his computer or network share or whatever will effectively have to be left to run overnight, preferably with Unstoppable Copier or TeraCopy doing the copying, just in case Windows decides something is wrong. Otherwise though, I bought about half the groceries I need today, and Dan already said going grocery shopping tomorrow night will be fine, so the only difficulties will likely be the train being delayed, if that happens, and having to unpack everything from my backpack in order to take it to Food Basics.

All of that stuff aside though, something curious and amusing happened when I went out to 7-11 earlier tonight. Up to the train tracks on Lacroix, I was just thinking / talking to myself about how I was out for my last walk to 7-11 in Chatham for a week, but then as I walked up to and crossed over the tracks, I heard some voices coming from behind the bushes over by the food court. They weren't anything nefarious, however, because in short order a girl walked out onto the sidewalk, sort of teetered for a bit as if she was drunk, and yelled something at the other people over by the bushes, before walking up to me and asking if she could pet my tail. I said yes, so she did, and then suddenly two more girls came running out toward me from behind the bushes, and started asking the various questions that one would expect - "Why do you do that?" and so on. What I didn't expect was the girl who initially came up to me asking "Okay, so are you a cat, or a leopard?" I had to say "snow leopard" twice before she heard, which apparently was all she wanted to hear, because she ran off to join her other friend who was well on her way over the tracks, and then the third friend, who looked drunk and smelled of alcohol more or less said that she was proud of me. She said that if she was in my place, she would feel embarrassed and self-conscious, but I "had the balls", and apparently she's going to come in one night that I'm working, and ask for me, and give me a five-dollar tip as a result. Yeah. I told her "Sounds good to me", and she ran off to join her friends, leaving me to continue on to 7-11 for candies and such. I think she'll be in for a surprise if she asks for me within the next week, only to be told that I'm not there, but as previously noted, they also smelled of alcohol, so she could very well have forgotten she said anything by tomorrow.

On that note, I should be getting to bed soon. I intend to wake up at noon tomorrow, or maybe 11:30, and have several things to do before going to the train station. I have to go to the bank to withdraw $80 so I have some cash in my wallet, and then to work, for four separate things there, which hopefully won't take too long altogether. The first item is dropping off the bottles of bleach I have from cleaning my walls. I haven't yet gotten to cleaning the kitchen, yes, but considering I'm going to be gone for a week, there's no sense keeping them here where they won't be used. Item two is picking up my pay stub. I intend to leave it unopened, so my pay will remain a surprise until it's deposited on Thursday. Item number three is ordering two steak flatbread sandwiches for lunch, since I have to go to work anyway, and the fourth is surprising whoever is working (I think Mary and Melissa, at least) with a cake. I made it tonight, and it's in the fridge right now, all ready to go. I expect those to take no more than half an hour in the end (maybe a little more, as I plan to tell them I need the pan back before I leave, so it would be preferable if they put some clear bags down on a bus bin lid, and placed the cake onto those, and then it's off to the train station, to wait for 2:30pm. I think I'll skip writing an on-the-train entry this time though, as there are other things I'd rather do (play Lumines and / or StepMania, for one), so further updates should hopefully come from Toronto. Maybe as soon as tomorrow night, even, but we'll just see what happens then~

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