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I FOUND IT :D Asked John if he knew who sang it earlier on today, and he told me, so I just went searching with Google, and found the song. I like the version of it in The Drew Carey Show better though :\ It's not nearly as "rough".

Anyways, went to Taco Bell after we picked Dad up from work, because I wanted a Taquito. Ange was in the dining room at the time. She asked me if I wanted to come in to work, and I said "Not really" because it didn't make sense that I should be called in for a shift someone else took for me. So Manoah made my food, and then he decided as well to ask me if I wanted to come in. However, he offered a couple different options.

I could come in, and he'd let me do line, while he did all the other random jobs (dishes, prep, and whatnot), or I could come in, and just work on the dishes, and he'd take care of line. I agreed to the latter, on the condition that I wasn't going to wear my uniform. I figured that way, they couldn't just decide to say "Come up and help us on line".

So we went home, I ate my food, then grabbed my PSP, and went back. I got there at 11. When I finally washed the last dish, it was 1. Yeah. From there, I rotated torts, and did up two trays of sour cream, at which point it was almost 2, so I figured I might as well just stay to close. For the last two hours, I just worked on getting the back storage room cleaned up (mostly all the cardboard in it), and then fried and bagged nachos and twists.

We didn't get out of there 'till 5, but that didn't really make a difference in the end. It was just fun to be in there, wearing my everyday clothes, and not having to be on line, so I could get all the other small jobs done. It's obviously not going to happen every day, but once in a while is enough for me.

I think I should be getting to sleep though. We're having company later on this afternoon, and I also have to do some laundry, so I can't really afford to sleep in.

Oh, and for a random fact, Josh had asked me if I wanted to go over to his house tonight at first. If I had the choice between staying at his house, or going to work, like I did tonight, I'd probably end up choosing work. He *really* needs to get his downstairs room cleaned up. Well sorry. Not quite that. He needs to clean it up, and then work on keeping it clean from then on, because the state it's in right now is all but unacceptable.

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