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Exactly One Week Later...

Maybe it'll work better to go over the past week in terms of what things were done on what days. All in all, I would give the trip / visit a solid 6.5 out of 10, mostly because we didn't plan things out quite adequately enough this time. There was a reason I was hesitant to go along with Dan's preference of wanting to work out the details when I got there, but I'm going to start as mentioned above, and talk about particularly good and bad points after that.

Wednesday the 10th
Went to McDonalds in Union Station for supper before heading to the subway
Started the TV Shows Xion wanted copying onto his computer
Went out grocery shopping, to a new place across the street from Food Basics called "Metro" this time
Got popcorn chicken from Popeyes for supper, after being told theirs was better than KFC's
Set Xion's computer up to be all nice and customized
Made a Sleepin' in Omelette, and put it in the fridge to soak overnight
Let Xion borrow my netbook so he could try installing a different OS on it
Stayed up until nearly 6 in the morning playing StepMania and watching episdoes of Whose Line is it Anyway? and such
Was told not to feel bad that Dan went to bed out in the living room, because it was the only way he could get to sleep

Thursday the 11th
Baked the Sleepin' in Omelette for breakfast, which everybody seemed to enjoy
Wondered when we were leaving for Brampton (not Brantford), only to find out that the event had been canceled
Baked two batches of chocolate chip peanut butter cup cookies
Baked one batch of s'mores cookies
Baked a cookie pizza
Made Rocky Road Freeze
Unofficially decided, along with Xion and Chris, to stay up all night in preparation for Wonderland on Saturday
Watched Chris bring the entire cookie pizza into "our" room and stick his tongue out at Kinjry's door as if to say "Ha ha, you don't get any!"
Watched more Whose Line is it Anyway?
Played Guitar Hero 3 and World Tour, along with Rock Band 1 and 3 for five hours between 4 and 9am
Ate a piece of fully-frozen Rocky Road Freeze, and told Chris and Xion that it was ready if they wanted some as well
Baked one batch of cheese biscuits
Gave one to a half-asleep Xion, who then came rushing out into the kitchen completely awake saying that they were amazing and he wanted more
Ended up having to call it a night at 11am

Friday the 12th
Slept until 3:30pm, and woke up for the day then, wanting to get tired again around midnight
Laid out facing the ceiling on Xion's bed, who immediately told Chris I was to be scritched from then on because I was an "awesome kitty"
They did indeed both scritch my bare stomach, and I found out that I'm incredibly ticklish there, moreso when two people are touching it
Went with Dan to Wendys for supper (my idea, because I wanted to go outside) while Xion and Chris went grocery shopping
Stayed up until nearly 4am
Went to bed after setting my alarm for 8:20am

Saturday the 13th
Woke up at 8:20, and was immediately asked by Xion if I was going out "with him" (Dan) then, instead of waiting 'til later
Had a chocolate chip peanut butter cup cookie, and barely a sprinkling of cayenne pepper for "breakfast"
Went down to the subway station and boarded the train
Saw Dan get a text message from Xion saying that today was a "right off", and that neither he nor Chris would be coming to Wonderland
Was annoyed at the thought that if I had said "No" and stayed there go go out later, I would end up being stuck at home thanks to them
Bought a ticket for Wonderland from the GO station
Went to Subway for breakfast, and found a $20 bill on the ground right in front of the counter
Got on the bus, which was quite a bit fancier than the TTC buses
Somehow wound up paying for two days' admission at Wonderland
Got a glimpse of what was to come by having to wait for our group to gather inside the gates instead of just going straight for the rides
Went on Dragon Fire - not bad, but my brain didn't quite know what to make of the loops, so I came off it with a slight headache
Went on the spinning-teacups-ride - fun, if a little simple, and I remembered going on it before with a church group who went to Wonderland
Watched Kinet-X, since a showing started just as we were getting off that ride
Was going to go on Thunder Run, but somehow got separated from the group at the beginning of the line
Thought Dan had gone off with everybody else without noticing I was still there at first, and was really worried when I didn't see him coming back
Eventually took a good, hard look at the people in the queue, and to my chagrin, saw Dan and a couple other people standing there after all
Walked over to the exit of that ride, and stood there with an upset look on my face
Dan gave me a hug as if to apologize, when their ride ended, and we went back about our usual business, just with me keeping closer track of him
Went on Vortex - looking back, it was quite fun and easy, but while on the ride, I think I was concerned that it was going to get worse
Met up with Chris and Xion, who came after all
After much prodding, Chris was able to convince Xion to go on the next roller coaster
Went on Mighty Canadian Minebuster - a little rough up to the tunnel, where the angled turn gave me quite a bruise on my leg
Went on SkyRider - at first I was worried that standing up might be difficult, but it was actually pretty fun
Sat down with Xion and Chris for a bit while everybody else went on WindSeeker. I needed a break then, and the line was too long
Went on The Bat - aside from the near 2-hour wait, it was fun as well, and I was finally used to loops by the time I got on it
Went on Behemoth - it did not live up to the hype it was given at the apartment. The drop was nice and windy, if anything
Went out to Subway for supper with Chris, Xion, and one other person from our group whose name I can't remember
Went on Time Warp - a fairly slow ride, to be honest, but the method of getting the car to the top of the track was ingenious
Went on Flight Deck - pretty enjoyable, and the half-loops where only the sky was out in front of you were neat
Was going to go on Behemoth a second time with a couple other people, but there was an estimated hour wait
Went back and sat / laid on the hill next to WindSeeker for a while longer, while other people from our group talked about reference sheets and such
Was told by somebody from our group that my tail was cute, and was then asked where I got it. It's old, and extremely worn. Hardly cute
Throughout the entire day, heard a surprising number of comments from random people throughout the entire park about my tail
Missed the first bus back home, and was thus stuck with a rather cranky GO employee for 20 minutes, until the next one came
Dan and I were joined by somebody else for the ride home, who was asking everybody else for their contact information throughout the day
When he came to me, I answered no when he asked if I was "on Skype or FA", and said that I had MSN but it was private, so all he got was my email
Sat right at the back of the bus when the second one came
Partway through the ride, the third person who came with us sneezed, and about half the other riders gasped in shock
Got off the subway at the Spadina (I think) station instead, in order to see the strange, long hallway
It was indeed a strange, long hallway. At least the length of a subway platform, with no decoration. Just one very long hallway
Stopped at McDonalds on the way home for supper, and ended up with a strawberry sundae, because I didn't know what I was ordering
Made it back home and pretty much went straight to bed, but not before waking Xion up, who asked "What time did you get back?"

Sunday the 14th
Slept in until 1:30pm
Made some more cheese biscuits
Was told of a misunderstanding involving Chris. Apparently he thinks Xion and / or myself have some romantic attraction to the other
I explained to Xion that as I saw it, he was just being friendly, but could also see why Chris was concerned
Sat around for most of the afternoon, which irritated me because we weren't doing anything together
Kept going back and forth with that, reasoning that that day deserved to be an off one, but we should at least try to find some common activity
Eventually went back to Guitar Hero, and season 1 of Drew Carey's Improv-A-Ganza, as it had finished downloading by then
Went to bed early in preparation for the zoo on Monday, which was difficult because Xion was still awake, and had his lamp on as such
Had a fitful sleep thanks to said lamp, but eventually woke up at ~9am feeling mostly rested, and ready to go
I stayed in bed because it was comfortable, planning to get up when Dan came in
When he finally did, the first thing that happened was XIon - who was still awake - saying he couldn't go
I heard Dan say he wasn't going either because he didn't feel well, and that was that. Anger, resentment, and sadness immediately overwhelmed me
Xion leaned over in my direction, and even though it would've looked like I was sleeping, said "I am truly sorry to you"
I stayed right where I was, as a couple tears rolled down my cheeks, and I started to regret ever trying to bring more people into our plans
Eventually I decided to show them that I was upset in a more active way, so I plugged my earphones in, and watched TV shows
Dan came in an hour or so after that, and waved at me at first, but I pretended I didn't see him, so he scratched my foot, and I looked up
He asked if I still wanted to go to the zoo, because he was feeling better, but I said no, not wanting to go much of anywhere (but away) by that point
The morning and afternoon following that consisted of more of the same, but eventually Xion told me what was going on
Apparently he hadn't been feeling well since the previous night, and was trying to work something(s) out with Chris
Continuing to talk slowly helped me to move past feeling sorry for myself
Eventually it came up that he (Xion) had to go to Oshawa tomorrow to take care of some financial matters, and he invited me along
I was hesitant to say yes, because it seemed like the type of thing that was inconsequential to me, and thus boring
After some thinking, I offered an alternative that would allow Dan to still go with him, and me to not just be at the apartment all day by myself
My idea was that if they didn't mind, I would go to the zoo while they went to Oshawa, then we could meet up later and chip in to get pizza
Xion said he was fine with that, but worried Dan might not take it so well
Sure enough, what did we end up having for supper that night? Pizza, which Dan went out to get himself
I still held to my idea, saying that if it was okay with them, I would be okay on my own, as I was confident I knew how to get there and back
Unless there's a route change, take the subway from Islington to Kennedy, then bus 86A out to the zoo. Ridiculously simple
I put my SD card into my laptop to look at my pictures and videos from Wonderland, and ended up showing Xion the video of my room
He wanted an explanation for how there came to be a hole in my wall, and didn't believe me when I said that it had been anger-influenced
Apparently I "skulled" him the other night / morning, but aside from that, he just couldn't see me getting angry
We went to bed without anything definite being approved or objected to regarding plans

Monday the 15th
Kinjry ate the last cookie, and as I was cleaning up the table and sorting out the remaining ingredients to leave some there, Dan asked a question
He wanted to know if I would come back again in the future, and having been thinking about it already, I suggested something in December
For now, the idea is December 14th to the 22nd (or preferably 23rd, as we could have a party on Thursday)
Supper that night consisted of the flurry I had failed to order properly on Saturday, and two hamburgers, because Xion offered me a couple of his

Tuesday the 16th
The first difficulty in the morning was Chris - who had gone back home by then - not having yet arrived to the apartment
Xion was getting increasingly agitated about him not being there and not returning his messages
Eventually he canceled his appointment in Oshawa, and who would walk in not half an hour later but Chris, saying "Get dressed. Let's go"
Xion was uncertain he could even go anymore, but did seem visibly happier with Chris there, and sure enough, he jumped into the shower
Meanwhile, Dan and I got ready to go to the zoo (I guess Xion was right). I grabbed one cookie after getting dressed, and then we were out the door
There was a pidgeon wandering around near some bread on the subway platform, which Dan and I both took a picture of
A short while later, Chris walked up with Xion in tow, jokingly telling Dan that he "Didn't like the cut of his jib"
We boarded the subway together, and Chris pointed out some guy who was glaring angrily at me from a couple seats away. I said I'd just ignore him
The two of them nearly missed their stop, because apparently Xion is used to just following Dan around
The zoo was about normal. I went to the gift shop and bought two more figurines, and two more snow leopard plushes
The animals weren't all that different than before, but then 7:30 - closing time - came, and we stuck around for a bit afterward
I was getting more and more irritated that Dan was content to just take his sweet time when we had a bus to catch, but there was more to see then
Most notably, the wolves could be heard howling, which I recorded a movie of, and the arctic foxes were also running about in their enclosure
When we left, I noticed one thing I'll be doing from now on - checking the bus schedule outside the zoo to see when the last one leaves
On the subway ride home, Dan suggested going back again tomorrow, as there were lockers I could store my things in while there
I was opposed to that idea at first, because I didn't like the idea of leaving my laptop and such else in an unfamiliar place for the entire day
Before going to bed, I packed up as much as possible. Pretty much everything except for my laptop, clothes, and small items
When I picked up my netbook, Xion apologized for not being able to get it working, and I said it was okay

Wednesday the 17th
When I woke up, I was quite content with the idea of not going anywhere until 4 or so, and then heading out to supper as before
Dan eventually came in, and we started talking about going to the zoo again
I was open to going a second time, but insisted upon leaving at 4:30, when he would have preferred to wait until 5
He decided that was okay, after I said we could use any extra time we had to get some supper, so off we went
It was not at all easy traversing the subway and bus with a heavy backpack, and two other awkward bags in my hands
Everything fit just perfectly into one of the large lockers at the zoo, and our first stop was the cafeteria right near the main gate
While Dan was eating his chips, I considered going over to the gift shop to look for the snow leopard plush I didn't get on our previous visit
I ended up not, because I'm still a bit too attached to him for me running off on my own to feel right
We took the Zoomobile around to the Canadian Domain, since we didn't make it there before, and ended up doing something bad while there
Instead of walking up the long, difficult, not-shady hill, we took the path past one of the "NO ENTRY - STAFF ONLY" signs
As wrong as it was, the walk up that hill was quite nice, if only for being different
For interest's sake, we started at the bottom of the hill over past where the bald eagle is, and wound up next to the lynxes' enclosure
From there, we took the Zoomobile over to Africa for another Beaver Tail, and then back around to the main gate
The commentary for that part of the trip was kind of amusing - informal, and we got to hear how the apes lost their sun tent
I was the only one who answered his question of what the Oryx would resemble if it had only one horn in the center of its head
Following that, we went over to see the snow leopards one last time, one of whom was laying in the cave, but the other, up at the window
We finally went to the gift shop after that, where, much to my dismay, they'd run out of the snow leopard plushes I wanted to buy one of
As much of a letdown as that was, I have to assume they only went so quickly because they were $7.99. I'll probably have another chance too
I cut my thumb pulling my bags out of the locker
The bus was kind of delayed, and the geese waiting near it were getting closer and closer to us
When the bus finally came, people were quite vocal about wanting to get on first. I ended up having to stand up for the first part of the trip
We made it back to Union Station right on time for the train, but were too late to sit down for supper, so I gave Dan money to get me a burger
When he came back, he waited with me in line until it started moving, at which point I said thank you and such, then gave him a hug myself this time
No sooner than getting on the train and unpacking my laptop, I received a message from Xion saying that the balconies in their building were done
I talked to both of them on the way home about things - Xion got some bad news about a con he went to, and Dan wanted a copy of the wolves movie
Mom and Naomi were both waiting for me at the train station, but I was standing up in the aisle waiting to disembark, so they didn't see me
Our first stop was the bank, so I could get Mom and Dad the money I wasn't sure if I'd need for my trip
That was followed by going to work to check when my next shift was, and to get two ten dollar bills for a twenty
We went home after that, where things were close to how they were when I left, with exception for Trish, Adam, and Ericka being back
I unpacked first, then had a shower, then got to the two packages and GST check that were on my bed
One package was a USB cable, and the other, various figurines and such that one could probably find at one of the zoo's gift shops

Since then, being back here feels remarkably no different than before. Back when I went to Toronto the first time, it felt like I was still there when I came back home, but for this visit, it almost feels like I never left. Maybe that means I'm just getting used to the two different environments, but one really obvious difference is the humidity. Even outside, Toronto wasn't bad. Coming home and walking into my room, however, felt like how it was outside several weeks ago. Unpleasantly humid, so I need to take my fan apart today, and figure out what the blades are getting caught on when I turn it up to the highest speed. Not quite yet though, as apparently it's my day to go grocery shopping. I don't really want to go, nor do I have anything to get from any place out there (I actually brought home four packages of chocolate chips, among other things...), but it's looking more and more like a nice big storm is coming, and I'd like to get popcorn chicken from KFC for supper tonight, which we could do on the way home. For now though, I have some quick cleaning up to do, and then I'm off, even though I just told Mom I'd prefer to leave at 5:30. Better to go now, as I have pictures and videos to start uploading later tonight~

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