Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Never Too Early

Just thinking ahead to options for December, right now. I really shouldn't be, as the first, and most crucial step is to ask about getting more time off that month when I go to work today, but as before, thinking about what we could do next time, if next time ends up being in four months, helps alleviate the feelings of wishing I was still in Toronto. Provided Melissa is okay with the idea though, I think it would work out really nicely. The last train to Toronto seems to leave at or around 6:30pm, so think about it - we could have birthday celebrations earlier in the afternoon on the 13th, then I could pack up and head out, and just end up going to Metro instead of Food Basics for groceries, if not just leave that shopping until Wednesday instead. That would almost certainly make it impossible for me to attend Heart and Stroke's Christmas party this year, and I'd be gone right through to the 22nd or 23rd - preferably the 23rd, because Dan said that's when the Solstice is, and thus we could have a party. I like the idea of that, but I am extremely concerned that if I approach her about getting time off in December when I go to work today, Melissa will deny the request on the grounds that other peoples' vacation requests come first, since I've already had three weeks off this year, or that she'll view being immediately asked again as a sign that I care more about going away than I do working. On the other hand, what she said before about how I should let her know if I needed any extra time beyond a week could translate to making a request for near the end of the year, and it might be better to ask her four months in advance, as I would hope not many other people have asked for time off around Christmas yet.

All in all, we'll see what happens today, but on a somewhat-related note, I think I can afford to be preemptive this year. I've kind of started Christmas shopping already, but thus far am extremely strapped for ideas. I have two, one for a non-edible gift for one person, and the other for something that can be eaten for somebody else, but I also have six people to think about this year, instead of just four. A third idea would be to get Adam that obscenely expensive Star Wars Lego set, but I'd rather find something a little more modest, and otherwise I'm not quite sure yet. Naomi gave me one idea when she noticed the penguin on my bag from the zoo and said she "loves penguins", but so far, the only place I can think of to go with that is over here. She might like to get one of those pillows, for example, but that's still the kind of gift that would only say "I hope you like this", instead of "I know you'll like this". A more-expensive alternative that just came to mind would be a cheap (~$100 at most) digital camera, just to try and avoid her having another tantrum like last year. I think I might do that, actually. Future Shop has a nice-looking one in stock for only $89.95, and a class 4 4GB microSDHC card for $9.98. As for the other inquiry I made last night, I asked about four different items, and was quoted the following prices: item A - $40; item B - $70; item C - $20; item D - $25. Considering what sort of items they are, as well as that two of them will be for me, and two of them will be a gift, $155 - not including shipping - is fair. I came home to find a government check on my bed for $66.25 which put me up to having a surprising ~$250 left until next Thursday, so I could probably afford to pay for both things right now. Mom and Dad have their money as well, so my next pay can be used to pay for the internet and gas, and otherwise just make it until next week, and the rest remains to be seen. This is mainly the reason I wanted to start right now though. Getting everything done and out of the way now (except for perishable things) means there's less worry in the coming months. I should also be careful not to get overconfident, however, as there's no telling when an unexpected expense will come up.

Otherwise, that doesn't leave a whole lot to be said. I had a frightening moment earlier this morning when I woke up while it was still dark outside, and could've been sure I was supposed to be in Toronto. I was, however, not, but didn't immediately recognize my surroundings as being my room at home, so I started to panic, fearing something bad was going to happen, pulling my blanket right up over my head to hide from whatever was out there, until sensibility and reason stared to regain control, and I realized I was laying in my own bed, and that it was still dark outside because I had been too tired to stay up past 4:30am. Also, I broke my box fan yesterday, so I now can't turn it to the second or third speed without it making a terrible clattering noise. I think it's because the base of one of the blades is cracked, presumably from the fan dropping on the floor several times, and I tried gluing it back together with superglue, but that held for less than a when I turned it back on, so I think I now have two things to get out that way this afternoon. Therefore I should probably ask about going out right now, and then just sit outside at work for the remaining time. The more the better today, I figure, as it'll give me a better chance of seeing Melissa~

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