Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Should've Gone Sooner

I guess it'll just have to wait until next summer, or this fall or winter or something. When I went to Walmart this afternoon, the only fans I could find were of the standing variety, and I'm fairly certain I didn't just overlook the box fans, because there were two other people in the same aisle presumably looking for the same thing I was, because I overheard one of them remark "This can't be all the fans they have!" As such, I have my air conditioner out venting into the spare room again, just like last year, and it should be fine there until I get used to the humidity here again, or it cools down outside, because it is only on while I am in my room and not sleeping. It's not too bad right now, at least, possibly because I just had a shower, but tomorrow could be another matter entirely, so I won't say anything else about the weather right now. As for going to Future Shop, I'll neither confirm nor deny that I got what I wanted there, because I already publicly said too much in my previous entry, and in regards to those other unnamed items A through D, I still have to respond to the reply to my inquiry last night, and pay for everything. Truthfully, that shouldn't be so difficult, but it is for me, as per usual. More difficult right now is actually staying awake long enough to write this entry, but I really really want to make it until 6am, as I have to close tomorrow, and would strongly prefer not to be tired. Work tonight, on a related note, was unusually stressful for some reason, but I still made it through anyway.

Due most likely to having just been away for a week, I was put on drive through with Nicole, and agreed that she should stay at the back working on dishes as much as possible, as having two people up working in the same area would almost certainly complicate things. That was true for the most part, in my defense, but then 7:00 and the supper rush came, and I started falling apart bit by bit. By that I mean I was getting short with customers, and angry with people on line for forgetting the receipt and napkins when bringing orders down to me, but thankfully James took over before too long, and I just ended up having to stay 45 minutes after 11 to finish sweeping and mopping the dining room, and to leave a note for Melissa regarding Orlando's request to switch shifts on Wednesday. Under normal circumstances I might have said no to him asking, but one very good thing happened just before that, and I figured if I did tell him no, the good thing(s) that just happened to me would be reversed. I'm obviously going to need to say what the good thing(s) is / are at some point though, so without further ado, I asked Melissa about getting time off in December.

More specifically, I waited until most of the orders were gone and she seemed to be in a good mood, then I went up to her and asked "I hope this isn't too early, especially considering I just got back, but when would the best time be to ask you about December?" She shrugged, which looked like an "It doesn't matter" to me, and said "Right now is fine", so I hesitantly told her that I was looking for the 13th through the 23rd off, and she said that was absolutely fine without even batting an eye. I asked her again a couple minutes after that if those dates were okay, and she said yes, so as preparations went for the trip I just came home from, the next step is to get a train ticket, and needless to say, I intend to wait until at least October to get that. I would be lying if I didn't say making plans four months in advance is just begging for something unfortunate to happen between now and then, and at this point there are many things that could go wrong, so as I said in the email I sent to Dan when I got home from work, being able to get that time off is confirmed for now, but the only other thing to be discussed as yet is what we could do then. I already told him I would almost certainly insist on going to Walmart after midnight on one of those nights, since I look forward to doing the same here, and I also like the idea of taking the subway to downtown Toronto (maybe just Union Station) and walking home from there to enjoy the atmosphere, but the more excited I get about anything right now, the more likely something will be to go wrong, thus I should just be happy Melissa approved, at least for the next couple months. One difficulty I can see with it already is that I wouldn't be getting back until after 10pm on the 23rd, which is one day before Christmas Eve, and while I would probably still have enough time to wrap everything, I'd rather not be that rushed. Especially not if I make something to take to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's like before, and I definitely would like to do that again.

I don't think I can sustain this much longer for tonight though. Coincidentally, a week ago this morning was when I was laying in bed asleep, with two hours and twenty minutes to go before my alarm would go off, and I'd get up to get ready to go to Canada's Wonderland. Will tomorrow even come close to comparing? Not in the slightest, because I'll have slept almost half of our day away by the time I get out of bed Work is still better for now, however, because as I explained to both Orlando and James tonight, the more I work now means the more money I'll make, and the more money I make means the better chances are that I'll have all of my shopping done by September. Although if that does work out and we do make a midnight trip to Walmart or such, it would be neat to get everybody some random item to eventually say "This came from Toronto" about when they open it. Again, though, I think I would do really well to remind myself more often that it's still only August 20th, and also get to bed, which I can do right now. Then before anything else tomorrow, I will respond to that email, as I don't want it lingering there for longer. I must admit it's kind of nice having too many things to do again <3

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