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It's Just Not Happening

That's two times just today that I've tried to write a reply to Dan's response to me telling him what Melissa said about dates for another visit, and haven't been able to finish either time. It feels too early, and it is too early. I've thought about telling him that until October, I only want to talk about normal things, and what we could do next time, but even that is rushed. Why do I need to tell him right away? The answer is that I don't, and presumably only want to so I can be excited again. Meanwhile, if I'd just wait for a couple weeks, it would be September, and I could be excited about going into the part of the year with a bunch of special occasions all in close proximity to each other. Thanksgiving is the only one I keep coming back to right now, but Halloween is also kind of there, primarily from the point of view of possibly working in non-uniform clothing, and going out on November 1st to buy a bunch of cheap candy. Not that I didn't already do the same this past Thursday - four chocolate bars, two bags of cotton candy, and four bags of Mike & Ike candies, all for a couple cents over seven dollars - but there's more to be had around Halloween.

In different news, I'm once again hoping to have a better sleep tonight. For some cruel reason, I ended up dreaming about unpleasant things yesterday, which is to say that what I was dreaming about was bad, but the dream itself didn't feel as bad as I would expect it to, looking back now. The part that I can remember had me looking around on eBay for some random item, and coming across an auction for which the Buy-It-Now price was more than $10,000. I jokingly clicked the button to buy said item(s), expecting to first be directed to an "Are you sure? By continuing, you agree to abide by all the terms and conditions set out by the seller", with the "Commit to Buy" link down below that, but said redirection didn't happen. Instead, the blue button was replaced with a counter that had a dollar sign beside it, and included two spaces after the decimal for the cents, which rapidly climbed up to reach the set price of the auction when I'd clicked the button. Just before I gathered what was happening, I told the person who was standing behind me (I think it might've been Adam) "Don't worry. This won't do anything", only to almost immediately get an email from the seller asking if I'd be able to make the payment in one lump sum, which sent me into a panic. I remember writing them an email after that saying "I am truly sorry, but I can't pay for that item, and didn't mean to buy it", hoping they would be understanding, but before receiving a reply, a glimmer of sense lit up in my brain, which was just enough to make me think "Oh, hey, this actually might be a dream", and it was. A frightening one, but it almost certainly happened because I'd been looking for another Christmas gift on eBay just before I went to bed.

Speaking of that now, I'm back to square one where Mom's gifts are concerned. Until now, I was considering trying to get her a Reader's Digest subscription again, but I remembered what happened last time when I tried to purchase a gift subscription for somebody who lived at the same address as me, so I went right to the customer service section of the site instead, but couldn't find a number that I could write down for later to call and sign her up. Searching Google for that, however, led me over here, and suffice it to say, I now consider myself very fortunate that the subscription she was supposed to get for Christmas a couple years ago didn't take, and might even tell her "I was going to get you this, but didn't because of all the negative comments on this website". I did at least pay for the rest of my things purchased online (for now) earlier tonight though. That was ~$170, which will very likely put me below my limit, but Brandon also asked yesterday night if I'd buy concert tickets for him, so it would've happened either way. Or rather, I should be correct and say that what actually happened was him telling me he was going to send me an email with a link to where the tickets could be purchased, sort of like I've given him permission to tell me to buy him anything, just so long as he pays me back. I would be more annoyed about that if it weren't for some upsetting personal news regarding him that Orlando told me of earlier tonight (apparently a member of his immediate family has a month at most to live), and he also still hasn't emailed me with the necessary information, so I'll just wait. I've even been thinking that if they aren't too expensive, I'll just give them to him as a way of saying "Sorry for your loss", but that is still just an idea.

Finally, it is time for bed, because it is very surprisingly after 7am already. I thought it was still 6:30 or so, but no, apparently I spent more time reading things about Reader's Digest than I thought. I'll definitely be sleeping in, but it was nice enough yesterday, so it should be even better tomorrow~

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