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Ticket Fees are Quite Exorbitant

I came home from work yesterday to find the email Brandon said he was going to send me a couple nights ago, and thus went on the website he included a link to, to check the price of the ticket he wanted, and also to find out what payment methods were accepted. Credit card payment was the only option available for online orders, so I immediately sent him a reply saying I'd have to go to Money Mart before work this afternoon, then filled out the form to see how much the total would be. On its own, the ticket costs $49.50, but there's a $10.85 ticket fee, and a "Capital Replacement Fund" surcharge of $3.39, and finally, an additional $1.50 for delivery by mail. Getting one shouldn't be a problem, so long as they're still available when I come home from work tonight, but here I was, hoping it wouldn't be more than $40, so I could put $100 onto my card, and have the internet paid for in a week. No such luck, unfortunately, and considering that altogether the ticket is nearly $70, I probably won't just give it to him after all. Instead, I have downloaded Finding Nemo for him, as he asked me to "torrent it" at work last night, and I remembered without having to look at the note in my wallet. After that, I'm also downloading Tiny Tune Adventures, both for Xion and myself, and then Freakazoid if I can find the complete series too, as he pointed out the lack of those shows in my list when I asked if he wanted anything other than The Red Green Show, and apparently lost everything I gave him last week when his Windows stopped working, so now he needs all of those, and the couple new things I'm getting for him put back on his computer.

Talking to him yesterday afternoon was kind of odd though. Having essentially lived in the same vicinity as him for almost a month altogether now, I feel confident in saying he seems kind of grumpy and / or cross, except for when Chris is around. I mean, if I try to think of his face right now, I see him frowning, which is completely the opposite of how he acts online, or at least when we've talked before. What was even more odd (at least until I understood where he was coming from) though, was when I told him about how Adam and Trish were having another fight about something, and that it made me not want to be here right now. This is what was said from there until the end of the tangent:

(5:36:30pm) Karadur: I've tried to keep out of their affairs from the first time I met her, but when they're both in the same house, that's rather difficult <#
(5:36:44pm) Karadur: Oh, well that pound sign was supposed to be a 3. Yay for delayed-shift~
(5:38:00pm) Xion: why do you use hearts all the time
(5:38:12pm) Xion: half the time you've done that its been out of context :P
(5:38:32pm) Karadur: I'd say they're supposed to indicate sarcasm sometimes *shrugs*
(5:38:36pm) Xion: for me i usually heart emote when im affectionate opr love someone XD
(5:38:43pm) Xion: o.o
(5:38:55pm) Xion: or*
(5:39:05pm) Xion: and yea now i see
(5:39:09pm) Xion: sorry it was confusing
(5:39:17pm) Karadur: No worries~</font>

I do tend to use hearts, and emoticons in general far more in MSN than I do in here, first of all. Ironically, any time I use one in a LiveJournal entry, it is almost certainly meant to indicate what you would expect - for example, a heart would indicate that I really like whatever it came after, but in MSN, ":B" is used to denote something silly, ":3" in place for a normal smile, ":x" for something bad, ":s" for something upsetting, and "<3" pretty much just to say "I don't really mean whatever I just said". With that in mind now, I have to wonder if he didn't take my using them before as being flirtatious. If so, that was absolutely not at all my intent, but said thought didn't even occur to me until I came home from work, and looked over the conversation again since the window was still open. On the other side of things now, I believe it was while we were talking on the train ride home that I asked what the "o.o" he uses fairly often was supposed to mean (clearly it's supposed to be eyes and a nose, but it seems even more out of context than my using hearts), but never got a response, and haven't asked again.

At any rate now, I need to go see if Mom is here, because if she is, I would like to do some running around before work, and then it's off to my second supper shift before my first day off. Following that, I close on Wednesday, then again on Friday through to Monday, when I work from 4 to 11, which is also when I'll hopefully be asking Melissa why she scheduled me to start at 4 again. I don't mind as long as it's incidental, as before, but I'd still like to know why. Also along those lines, September is approaching very quickly, and I think I'm actually ready to just go back to Heart and Stroke whenever this year, assuming they need me, and starting in September at that. I intend to wait until Thursday though, since that's a week away from the 1st, and on that note, I am off. Here's hoping it's a good day and such~

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