Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Two Negative Things to Consider

I think I'm just generally not having a good day. I slept in until 3:30, and it's now already 6:30, meanwhile it feels like I've been awake for only an hour, so I have to go to work in a bit and probably be talked to about Wednesday night, which I just want to apologize for and get done and over with, and as of this afternoon I also have a new thing involving Heart and Stroke to worry about, which I won't be able to affect until the 12th of September.

That's when Natasha - the new area manager - starts, and Michele is understandably concerned about her reacting negatively to my tail and ears. I was incidentally asked to try emailing her again in October, as there are too many new things going on right now for me to come back yet, so I said that was fine, but also asked when, starting in September, Natasha would be in, so I could go there on a day off to introduce myself, and make sure she understands how I intend to proceed regarding my tail and ears. I don't think there's anything they can do to stop me from tucking them away just outside the back door before going in, but if I start feeling certain about that now, I'll end up being proven wrong, and that won't be good. For what it's worth though, I actually expect me listening to music on my PSP with my earphones to be the bigger issue. Michele did say that if Natasha essentially didn't approve of me, I could still work on STAR from home, but I'd rather not do that. I may have put countless hours, if not entire days at a time into Pic Pic before, but that was a personal project that I wanted to spend so much time on, and I don't think I could so easily find the same... groove with work from Heart and Stroke.

On the better side of things though, James' half cookie pizza and peanut butter cup cookies are ready to go. I even used only the blue Smarties, as requested (although I don't understand why), but didn't have any maraschino cherries, as my only bottle is presently in Dan's fridge in Toronto. As Orlando said when I called to ask if James was working, however, that shouldn't be a big deal, as he only wanted them on a quarter of the pizza anyway. As for catching things up with Brandon, I would send him an email to let him know when I work so he can drop the money off, but he probably wouldn't get that, so I'll just go there on Tuesday, and if he doesn't have the money then, simply withhold the ticket until he does. Then there's also still George, who hasn't responded in a fair while. I think that as a result, even if he does sometime during September or October, I'll suggest meeting up sometime around Christmas, as that way he and the rest of his family would get cookies and such as a gift instead of just because. I will admit though that I really like the idea of going to Toronto in December to visit Dan and Xion again, and giving George the address so we can meet there instead. It could work, but isn't very practical, so I just like the idea, I guess.

Otherwise, I'm going to work on cleaning up a bit before heading out, and that will be it until later. Hopefully by then I'm feeling more... normal~

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