Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm Definitely Quite Messed Up

Yesterday night, I got really tired simply from baking cookies and a cookie pizza for James, so I went to bed no later than 5am. Following that, I slept in straight through until 3:30pm, which is quite late even for a day off, and thus was tired pretty much all night at work, but now however... Suffice it to say, it is exactly one minute before 7am, and I'm still as awake as I was upon getting home. I think regardless of how tired I am tomorrow, I'll set my alarm for 2pm, and that will be good enough, no matter what time I get to sleep. Otherwise this is going to continue until I have another two days in a row off, which evidently won't happen for a while, as next week's schedule went up tonight, and as before, my only two days off are Tuesday and Thursday. I don't mind that for right now though, because more shifts means more money next time we get paid. What it also means is that I haven't been suspended for two days, which is worth mentioning, even if I wasn't expecting to be anyway.

Well, the actually-interesting part of that is how business from Wednesday was not so much as breathed of tonight. Melissa came out to have a cigarette shortly after I arrived, and only said hi, so maybe they don't care after all, or maybe they're just hoping I'll get cocky like that, and they can catch me on having done the same thing three times in a three month period. In any case, it didn't come up tonight. Manoah, however, did have me worried that it wasn't entirely forgotten, because he said Melissa wanted him to talk to me about something private, and that seemed the only logical conclusion, but in the end, he actually needed to talk to me about what happened with the money in my till last time I worked a supper shift. Apparently there's a cash shortage slip in the office that I was supposed to sign tonight, but enough about that matter doesn't add up that I'd rather go in on Tuesday to talk to Melissa and at least say "I don't agree with being held responsible for this shortage, so I'm signing this slip only because somebody has to be held responsible, and it might as well be me, because my name was on the till". For what it's worth, the amount is $13, which I could probably get by without, so we'll see. I also need to ask her at the same time about counting my own till in such situations. If I'm scheduled to leave before the shift manager, I'm not going to want to stick around to wait for them to have a chance to count it, so I'd rather do that on my own, write my result down on a piece of paper, and leave that with the till for them to verify, once their other work is caught up. Either that, or just let me flat-out count my till on my own, from start to finish, but I can't see that idea going too far.

The rest of the night - aside from actual work - was pretty much okay. I gave James his cookies and half cookie pizza, only to learn that he'd just been joking when he asked for me to use only the blue Smarties, but he got the rest anyway, and I now just hope he likes everything. I think next time i make one of those though, I'll try using chocolate pudding for the icing, instead of actual icing. I can see one difficulty with that right now, being the pudding making the top of the cookie-crust soft, but that aside, I think it would taste better. Consider normal pizza for a moment, if you will. The sauce between all the toppings and crust is not hard and dry, because if it were, the pizza would have an unpleasant taste and texture. Cookie pizza, on the other hand, is somewhat different, granted, but I still want to try it. That is, either pudding-icing, or making up an extra half-batch of the dough to try filling with pudding before baking, sort of like stuffed breadsticks instead. And that in itself is a fantastic idea - cookie breadsticks to go with cookie pizza? Yes, please. They can have sprinkles and mini chocolate chips and other small decorations on them, whereas the pizza itself will come with regular toppings. I quite like the idea, but I just wonder how exposing pudding to that sort of heat would affect it.

I definitely need to go to bed now though. I'm still not terribly tired, but it will be 8:00 soon, and today was only the start of three closes and a supper shift, so I can't get too out-of-balance just yet. Besides, I started playing PoPoLoCrois again while waiting outside at work tonight, so I might just continue the same tomorrow, in lieu of spending hours fussing with Firefox in OS X instead (everything is roughly as I want it, but the background and style of my bookmark toolbar items are messed up. Or just do neither, because I'm sure that's not all. We'll see soon enough~

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