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[counterpart to the protected entry]

I feel so disorganized right now, so maybe it would be best to start with what I have planned for later tonight, and work backward from there this time.

For now, I'm still working on what I mentioned last night, or for anybody reading this who doesn't have access to my protected entries (last night's was protected because I wanted to talk about the current status of my Christmas shopping), deleting the French audio track from the last several episodes of Tiny Toon Adventures, which I downloaded for Xion. They'll be done before I leave for work, so then when I get home, I'll have those, and a couple other things to reorganize, including some movies Brandon asked me to download. I still have an hour left here, but once that us up - at 6:30 - I will be going out to Canadian Tire and Staples for some things I need for myself, and also for items that will be given away at Christmas. I don't exactly have the money for it right now, because I bought something last night that was more expensive than any other gift thus far, but I figure until my Christmas shopping is mostly complete, I'll aim to stay above $800 instead. I'm about $50 over that right now, but that won't last for long. Fortunately, aside from not having thought of anything for three people in my family yet, I see no reason to not be done by the end of October. That will just leave buying something edible for everybody in December, and getting them one thing from Toronto, assuming going there again works out. Just something small, such as a figurine from the zoo's gift shop would do, so yes. I feel comfortable, so hopefully that feeling remains the same.

Getting back to tonight, after Staples and Canadian Tire, I have to go to work, and then tomorrow is a day off, with the only activity of interest being grocery shopping, which won't really be of interest anyway, as I don't have money to get anything. I will, however, want to try a new recipe when we next get paid. Said recipe exists only in my head right now, and is somewhat of a reworking of cookie breadsticks. Instead of trying to bake them in the oven with pudding inside, which could turn out awfully for any number of reasons, I think the following steps would work better: make the cookie dough, and roll out as many fat, breadstick-sized strips of it as possible. Flatten those out, spread chocolate pudding down the middle, and roll them up into a snake-shape, then put them all into the freezer on a baking sheet for about an hour. In the meantime, follow the directions over here, and when the dough-rolls are frozen, coat them in chocolate, put them on a wire rack over aluminum foil on the same baking sheet as before, and put them back into the freezer for another half hour or so to allow the chocolate to set. Once that's finished, the only remaining step is to eat, and hopefully enjoy, optionally serving them with chocolate and / or caramel syrup for dipping on the side. It sounds like it'd work, does it not? I just need to wait for about a week to find out...

In other news, there are some updates regarding the serious things mentioned before. I was supposed to call St. Clair to ask about the cooking program Mom mentioned today, but she beat me to it by actually going there, only to find out that it wasn't going to be held until 2013. I found that out from her when I went downstairs to get some cereal this morning, and immediately after telling me that, she asked me to grab the course book from the counter so she could so me something else I might be interested in. It was a course about computer hardware and such, which is vaguely interesting to me, but not something I would really want to go to college for, unless I had absolutely no other choice. I do, however, both in the form of one on-campus continuing education course, and several that are held online, but my biggest issue with those is not enrolling, but rather figuring out how to tell Mom and Dad "I'm actually interested in something else that's somewhat different than computers". As for concerns about work, I'll have to wait and see what this weekend is like after having had two days off, and with these new thoughts on my mind instead. I did get my money from Brandon yesterday though, and also took care of my cash shortage from the other night, after Melissa explained to me that no, I was not allowed to count my own till, because nobody else had that right (I think we should, but didn't say so then), and that mine from the other night had just been a couple cents off what it was supposed to be, instead of ~$13 over, as it should've been from accidentally ringing in an order under Manoah's name, and putting the money into my till. I paid with the money I've had in my wallet for about a week though, so that's done and it's not a big deal, and I will just be more careful about my tills from now on. I can deal with not being allowed to count it / them myself, and in that vein, Melissa said I should take over whatever the manager is doing if they're busy so they can count it and I can go home, but I can't help thinking certain managers will use that as an opportunity to go smoke instead, because indeed, all of the managers there are smokers now.

At any rate, it's almost 6:30 now, so I might as well go grab my uniform from the dryer, and get ready to go. The last episode of Tiny Toon Adventures just finished converting too, so it's looking like it'll be nice to come home from work. Now if only I could think of something to make for supper...

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