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Karadur Inacu 

Now it Begins Again

I missed last week's because I didn't expect them to start airing until September, but as of today, I have officially started downloading episodes of Doctor Who for George again, and as such can only hope we won't have a chance to get together until December, so I can have more of those downloaded for him. Not only that, but it'd also be fun to meet up sometime within the first two weeks, work until the 13th, and wrap Christmas gifts sometime between then, do whatever ends up being planned for my birthday on the 13th, then go away that evening for 10 days, and return on the 23rd, to have just enough time to wrap the rest of my presents, before having Christmas Eve, and Christmas following that. I just sent him an email with that proposal, but as there was about a month between his most recent response and the one before that, I can't expect to hear back from him right away. Therefore, since mentioning my birthday reminded me, I have something of slight interest to say about that.

Mom and I went out to Canadian Tire the other day, because I needed to get duct tape and something else for Christmas, and she just needed to "look for something", but wouldn't say what. Upon entering the store, we went our separate ways, but as I was walking back up to the checkout, I passed by her standing in an aisle with cooking and baking wares in it. She picked up a measuring cup to take a closer look at it, and I, thinking she was looking for something to give me as a birthday present, said "Don't buy that. I already have one", because I did buy a 2-cup measuring cup from Zellers in Toronto back in May. She immediately turned to cover my eyes, so I just continued on over to the checkout and paid for my items, then waited for her outside. Upon coming out, she asked me if she'd heard what I said correctly - that I already had a measuring cup, which had a capacity of two cups, then she asked me to repeat that, and when I did, got this content look on her face, and said I would just have to act surprised then. I have no choice but to assume that she did buy a birthday present for me there (although it could've been a Christmas present as well), and that it is a measuring cup which holds more than my previous one. That's fine, I suppose, and in her defense, I still haven't given her any suggestions, much less asked how much she has to spend. On that note as well, I was going to buy more Christmas presents online yesterday afternoon, but have actually decided to hold off for a bit. The reason for that is because I woke up to find a message in MSN from Manoah asking if he could borrow $60, which put me down to ~$720, and the things I wanted to buy were almost $150 with shipping and customs fees prepaid, which I won't have. Or rather I will have eventually, but not until our second pay this month, and if I haven't thought of anything to get Mom, Dad, or Trish by then, I'll just ask them, because I'd like all of my money from October on to go toward saving for December, and - related - buying a train ticket. I might even just ask them tonight if I end up getting a ride to work again, which reminds me of something else money-related.

There will be no treats tonight, and none tomorrow as well, on the grounds that I want to wait until Monday, so I can come home from work, drop my things off, go out to 7-11 to get whatever I want, and come home again to sit down to several hours of Metroid Prime 3 or Super Mario Galaxy or whatever else I want. I was going to do that as well last night, yes, but by the time I got home it was 4:30, and Adam made the unhelpful decision to sleep in the living room. Should I want something to look forward to at work tonight, well, I might go to 7-11 for an ice cream sandwich or Drumstick, but only if it's as humid as it was yesterday. It's pretty nice in here, but I haven't gone outside yet, so it probably still is unpleasantly warm. If there's one thing I'll be pushing for tonight though, it's to not be stuck on one position for my entire shift. When I went in yesterday, Trevor said Laura had left it up to he and I to decide what we wanted to be on, so I chose drive through, not wanting to steam both nights, only to go in and be told by Laura that I would be tasked with closing the dining room first, as Cassidy was supposed to do that, but didn't want to because she didn't know how. So I did, which was finished by ~11:15, then took over drive through for the rest of the night, which was a nice, short four hours instead of seven as normal. I might even ask to do the same tonight, should Laura allow it, because I'd much rather have the first hour and a half of the night free to get things done and caught up, followed by using 9:30 to ~11 to clean the dining room, and then take over for her so she can get other things done. That'd be quite nice.

On one final note for today though, Mom evidently still has the wrong idea. She brought a course book home from St. Clair earlier this week, and I went downstairs this morning to find that the page with computer-related courses had been torn out of the book and stuck up on the wall, and the rest of the book had apparently been discarded. This is why I want - or perhaps even need - to tell them "I want to take this completely different course instead". It occurred to me that even though said course doesn't start until January, it might be prudent to register now, so I'll look into that on Tuesday, as that's my next day off. In the meantime, I need to go ask if I can get a ride to work tonight, and since I have half an hour left, what Mom and Dad want for Christmas as well. I might as well use this time I have, and that way only Trish would be left~

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