Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Does This Make Me Bad?

I came home from work yesterday and went into the kitchen to find that Adam and Mom had done essentially the same thing for him that I had started working on before leaving - working out monthly expenses versus pay, and presumably putting down on paper everything that needed to be paid for, so he could use the sheet for reference. One of the first things I noticed missing though was the inclusion of the money he currently owes me, so down in the corner of the sheet, I wrote a note of my own asking him to please not forget. I felt kind of bad about doing that right away, because the couple times I've asked him about being paid back already, he got really annoyed and said he knew, but also thought it was reasonable to have written that note, because other than the new mouse Trish wanted, and CPU compound to fix her laptop, he hasn't said, much less given me anything. Skip ahead to this morning now, and I went downstairs to first of all find Mom cleaning the fridge, and secondly, a note from Dad underneath mine directed to Adam, that said he should be able to help him (Adam) pay me back on a monthly basis, thereby meaning the note was seen, which I would expect, and also that Adam was once again annoyed, which I have to say is... nice. I could be truly unfair, and force him to pay me back despite his other expenses, but as I told him before, I'd just like to be paid back before June or July of next year. It just causes me some worry when he doesn't figure that into his monthly budgeting, because if he can't afford to give me the entire sum now (not that I expect him to), I don't see how it's going to be any easier in about a year.

Anyway though, some good things did happen yesterday as well, starting with Mom giving me a slew of Christmas gift ideas for herself. The items I can remember right now are Aveeno Body Lotion, a 20-inch gold chain, a hat and scarf, a Value Village gift certificate, salted cashews (which I'd have given her even if she hadn't asked), a new apron, and I believe that was everything. Dad, on the other hand, has thus far only unhelpfully told me that he'd like a new pair of slippers, but I reminded him that he still had two months to decide. As for Trish, I have three ideas in mind for her now, but will wait until Adam actually asks her if there's anything specific that she'd like. Following that, I'm still waiting for an order confirmation email from the site I bought quite a few things from yesterday morning, but that will be it until December, or perhaps late November. If my figuring from yesterday is correct, it won't be until our second pay in December that I'm up to a reasonable amount again anyway. The most uncertain thing is money spent on snacks, because I can't predict when I'll go, much less the amount spent each trip, so for now I've alotted myself $20 per weekend, and $20 every other week for groceries, but should the actual amounts be higher and lower, they can easily be changed, which should then carry through the rest of the calculations. Otherwise, I've also assumed I'll be paid exactly $400 for every pay from now until the 15th of December, which will definitely change when those dates come. It does feel kind of restrictive to have most everything planned out four months in advance, but I'll get used to it, and on a different note, Brandon never came to work last night. I don't want to make it sound like I have it out for him, but he's not helping his case asking to borrow money and not paying me back on time, or, most recently, asking to borrow money, and not coming in to collect it. I figure I'll keep it in my wallet for now, just in case he comes to or actually works tomorrow night, but if there's no sign of him by closing then, I'll give that $80 to Mom for groceries this week.

As for the rest of the night, it went extremely well. I was really rushed and frantic (in a good way, mostly) for the first hour and a half, because I was trying to get all the dishes caught up so I could then scrub the floors and they wouldn't have to be done later, but as it turned out, we didn't have any customers for the last hour anyway, so we were out of there in about 45 minutes. Nice for me, because I have today off, but Laura, on the other hand, had a manager meeting to attend this morning, which I keep grinning and giggling at the thought of. Apparently she has it in her head that because she feels a specific way about certain things, she just has to communicate those thoughts to the other managers strongly enough, and they will fall in line and agree with her. For what it's worth, one of the things she said she would bring up was how day and supper staff keep leaving their drinks at the back instead of dumping them like they're supposed to, and I quite agree with that, but for the rest, it's her first manager meeting, so she'll probably already be out of favor because of that, and if she does start yelling at Gabby as she apparently told Manoah might end up happening, she'll have much more to worry about than cups left at the back or people not clocking out for their smoke breaks. On that note, I had a dream last night where somebody left the dining room door unlocked, and ~30 people came in right at the end of the night, after we'd closed, and I ended up having to threaten to set the alarm in order to get them to leave, which I felt bad about.

Since this is my first day off since taking an interest in it again though, I am off to go downstairs to play games - probably Okami - for the rest of the afternoon. Or actually, I am going to tidy up my room first, since I didn't get to that yesterday. The noisy work outside is ruining what would be a serene afternoon (I can almost hear myself typing...), so I might as well do something else productive~

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