Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Things That Spoil my Night (Again)

For one, upon checking my balance this morning, it looked like I might actually be able to make it through the next two weeks comfortably, but I checked again just now, to see that two Paypal transactions from the other night had gone through, and I still have another one pending for an album from Lapfox Trax that cost eight dollars. Two, I went looking for some things on eBay that I shouldn't have, and now it's bothering me that other people have what I want, but can't reasonably afford for myself, just like - in this case - wanting to buy a 3DS, but not having the money for one. I'm also quite tired for some reason, even though I was up 'til 7 this morning and slept until 3. To make that matter even better, it's only quarter to 12 right now, and I would like to try staying awake long enough to go to McDonalds for breakfast. Yes, given the above, one could argue that I don't have the money, but I have $70 in my wallet, only twenty of which needs to go onto my Visa as soon as possible, and then Manoah also owes me $60, which would theoretically last until the Thursday after next.

More importantly though, I finally told both Mom and Dad what night courses I was interested in taking, or rather, I showed them on my laptop, because it was much easier to point at the screen and say "These two, and this one as well". Mom's reaction was along the lines of "Oh, wow! Dad would be interested in this!", and Dad didn't say anything until a couple hours later, at which point he said that his notes from an adult psychology correspondence course he took quite a while ago were somewhere in the spare room, which probably doesn't help me any. At this very moment, I'd prefer to start with one of the psychology courses, because they're both in-class / on campus, but on the other side of that, the course on human sexuality sounds more interesting, but is only held online. I could try for two at once, sure, but I'd rather not, as I don't know what sort of out-of-class investment one would require, let alone two, and on a tangent in favor of the psychology classes, I never was able to log in to my student account back when I was actually in college for a year of computer programming, and while that would hopefully not happen a second time, there's no way to be sure until it is (theoretically) too late. I suppose I'll have to think about that for a bit, and head up to St. Clair at the beginning of next month.

In the meantime, I am frankly kind of exasperated to say that making cookie breadsticks (the first attempt, at least) didn't go well. I put too much water into the dough, and the chocolate chips were too big, making it nearly impossible to flatten without sticking to the rolling pin, then spatula, and eventually my hand, and then I couldn't lift it cleanly off the counter after it was flattened and had pudding put on it to roll it into a stick. Thus, I put a dollop of pudding on each flattened piece of dough, and brought the edges of the dough up to form sort of a cup shape, then put those in the freezer, but at this point I'm ready to either say "Eat these if you want, but they aren't very good", or to just throw them out. The pudding part was good, at least, but I would expect no less of something for which the preparation directions are "Add two cups of cold milk, and mix with a whisk, or electric mixer".

Anyway, I just wanted to write a quick update about those things, and now I'm either going back to Okami, or upstairs to grab my laundry, and then to have a shower, before coming back down here again. There's still much time of this day off to make use of~

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