Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Tomorrow, Huh?

My, how time flies. To be perfectly honest, I haven't really said anything to either Mom or Dad yet, short of saying things like "I'm going to be doing something on Monday", but I dunno. Mom's gone to church right now, but when she gets back, I plan on running to either Little Caesars or Arbys for supper, and I'll probably just say "Just so you know, I'll be gone tomorrow night. And the guy I'm going with is going to be here around 3 or 4, so if someone comes to the door that you've never seen before, that's probably him."

I'm excited, nervous, and all I can think of are all the things that could possibly go wrong, but, like John was saying about a different topic last night, this'll be the furthest I've gone away from home by myself, with the exception of that one time a while back, when Josh was living in London to go to college, and I stayed at his house for the night :p

So... feh... that's one thing for tomorrow, but I also want to be up for 12 or so, to go to EB Games, on the slight chance that they do get more Wiis in tomorrow. Actually had a dream that I was going there, and the guy I was talking to said "They come in tomorrow". It's not quite the 25th, but close enough.

Mom just got back from church though, so I'm off to Little Caesars.

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