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There'll Be Other Things to Do

Until hearing a familiar voice from the direction of the dining room at work tonight, I completely forgot about Adam telling me Josh would be down this weekend. Had it come to mind yesterday night or earlier this afternoon, I definitely would've written about it, wondering what he might say, but as that didn't happen, I can jump right into interaction between he and I earlier this evening. At first, he tried to get my attention when it was quite busy, so I looked over at him and said hi, but pointed out that I had orders and customers to take care of. When those were finally reasonably caught up, I went over to see what he wanted, and conversation went roughly like this:

Him: Me and your brother are going out to the bar tomorrow, and you're going to come with us. Don't worry - you can drink water...
Me: I have to work tomorrow.
Him: When?
Me: Eight to close.
Him: Well, we'll go out before then.
Me: Oh, alright, I guess.
Him: [Adam and I] were talking though, and we decided... no furry.
Me: Ah, well, no, I'll just stay home then.
Him: ...we're going to a bar. You can't expect to...
Me: It's okay. Really. I'm fine with staying at home.
Him: Oh, come on! You can go for a day without it..."

At which point I walked away, both because I couldn't see any further progress being made, and because and order was ready for me to hand out to the customer at the window. He didn't say anything to me after that, nor did I him, mostly because I was busy with orders and customers again, but while I do feel kind of bad right now about being stubborn, I also feel good for having simply said "No". It doesn't bother me that he still thinks I'm furry. As far as I know, Mom, Dad, Adam, and Naomi all still do too. What bothers me is him randomly coming here and not only deciding that I would go to the bar with him and Adam without asking, but also seemingly deciding that as he and Adam comprise the majority, they should make such decisions as how I would be seen there. Seriously, old me would've agreed, then started to regret it shortly thereafter, and wished he could go back and make his decision again, but new me just doesn't care. If you don't want to be seen with me as I am normally, then just don't. If you want to talk and catch up on things, let's meet up at home, or go out for a walk, or even go out for supper or something. I can't fault him if he's not interested in just sitting around and playing videogames anymore, but it's not like the only option for hanging out is going to the bar. Unfortunately, as far as I know Adam is still going, which means Josh will be here sometime tomorrow, and I would be extremely surprised if he doesn't try to reason with me again, and / or make an issue out of it. With any luck, I'll either sleep through that, or be woken up by pounding at my door, so I can be angry for a different reason.

Josh aside though, work went pretty well tonight, and I think as a result, I'm going to say this past shift doesn't count, meaning that I won't go for snacks tomorrow either, and thus will save up for Sunday and Monday instead. One thing I would really like is a big bag of Corn Puffs from Food Basics, which would probably be best to get on Monday. Also, setting snacks aside, the new schedule was up when I went in, and I'm fairly pleased to say that the current weekend is the last (for now) that I work four days in a row on. Next week, I close Friday, have Saturday off, work a supper shift on Sunday, and close again on Monday, but start an hour earlier than normal. Should be nice altogether, but this coming Wednesday, and Friday after that might not. You see, Mary is the closing manager on both nights, and I've heard from a couple different people now that she's been really cranky and irritable ever since coming back from her vacation, and is also starting to close again because apparently we haven't been doing anything right. That in itself is fine, but as I told Orlando on the way home, I hope she's not as hard to get along with as recent reports would indicate. Maybe it would be better to have some special treat in mind for both of those nights, just in case though.

Finally, on a couple somewhat-better notes, even though it looked like I wouldn't have a chance to see him until at least Tuesday of next week, Manoah left the $60 he owed me in the safe, so I have that now, and also managed to beat Super Mario Galaxy with the hour I had to play it after work. There's still much to do, mostly in the form of purple comet / coin stars, but it's nice to still have things to do on that. Related, but less-good, however, is something Brandon asked at work tonight. He first wanted to know if we had an N64, and when I told him yes, asked if he could borrow it. I said I wasn't sure, because it didn't belong to me, and when it came out that Dad was the one who bought it, Brandon asked how much he would want for it, and just... no. I'm not even going to ask, because there's virtually no chance Dad won't say "Do whatever you think is best", which would put the decision in my hands, and just do not sell those sorts of things. I have multiple DS Lites and PSPs (albeit one with a broken screen), GBA SPs, and so on, and I have no interest in getting rid of those, even for a price. Besides, if he wants one that badly, he can look around online, give me the money, and I'll buy it for him. Easy, no? Kind of makes me wonder why he didn't just propose that in the first place.

At any rate, I do need to be getting to bed now, even though I'm not at all tired thanks to the two cans of Pepsi I drank upon getting home. Maybe I'll play PoPoLoCrois until I get tired, because I was getting somewhere on that earlier...tk

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