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Looks Good on Him

Sometime after going home tonight, Brandon sent me two emails concerning some more band-related items he wanted me to buy for him. Oh, sorry, did I say "wanted"? What I meant was "expected". His exact words were "You should order this for me, I will bring money to work tomorrow for you". I went ahead with the purchase anyway though, because he did say he'd bring money to work tomorrow, so I should be paid back before the Paypal transaction even goes through, but what I'm even more pleased about is the cost of what he wanted, shipping included. He said he wasn't sure how much that was, but would bring $40, and if it was less, we could work out the difference there, but in this case, shipping cost more than the item - $35.99, to be exact, bringing the total up to $58.99. Maybe he won't care, aside from being inconvenienced by having to go across the street to the bank, but I have a feeling he'll be at least a little annoyed about how something that only cost $23 originally ended up being over twice that. Also, in the same email I started writing to tell him the order had been placed, I curtly asked him to please check with me first next time, because it's pretty rude of him to have just assumed I'd buy something else for him, and also said that our N64 wasn't for sale, but that there were many available on eBay, so he should take a look around there, and get back to me if he still wants one.

I think that's been the most interesting (or audacious, perhaps) thing tonight, but a couple other things deserving a mention have happened, one of which is about work, and the other, about curious behavior I've been noticing in myself over the past couple days. I'd rather start with the one about work first though, because it's somewhat shorter. Back on Monday night, Orlando and I agreed that I would be on drive through and he on line on Friday, then we'd switch for Saturday, because that way he'd get a break after being on it (drive through) on Thursday night, and I'd get a break on Saturday, before going back on that position for another two closes on Sunday and Monday. The first night of that went exactly as planned - I was on drive through yesterday, but tonight, he went up front first to get started on that for his night, but I went up there shortly after him, once I'd changed into my uniform, to see him first looking around with a confused expression on his face, followed by him shaking his finger at me, as if I'd done something wrong. I asked what he was doing that for, and it eventually came out (from Gabby instead of him) that I wasn't allowed to be on line anymore (again, to be fair), meaning that tonight was my second of four shifts on the same weekend in the same position. Not that I mind, or anything, because looking forward to playing Super Mario Galaxy at home was once again enough to get me through the night. As for what Gabby said though, I have a feeling I should be concerned and annoyed, but frankly, I find it pretty amusing, and just a little bit of the latter. Why am I so nonchalant about it, you may ask? Because up to tonight, not one person said anything about it to me. Nothing from Melissa, nothing from Gabby, nothing from Manoah, Laura, Mary, or even any of the non-management staff, and if I'm not going to be told what I've done wrong, let alone be given a chance to improve upon it, I'm not going to waste any of time worrying, period.

Moving on to the second point now, I'm not sure what the best way to succinctly describe this is, but I've been talking to myself even more than normal lately, but not as frequently as I used to, and I think stress is to blame. It always goes that I'll be working away, or doing whatever else at home, and my mind will start to wander, to recent causes of stress - namely, night course related things, and instead of just letting those thoughts drift away eventually, I actually somewhat involuntarily say something, or at least a little piece of something that I was thinking. It's almost exactly like talking in my sleep, in a way. If and when I'm having a particularly remarkable dream, I might end up mumbling something or other, either that I'm saying at the same time in the dream, or about what's happening. Most of the time, talking in my sleep like that wakes me up, although my subconscious has recently gotten a little smarter, and has me whispering things now instead of talking in my normal voice, which is endlessly amusing, and that's exactly what uttering some part of my thoughts does. I could be at work, busily washing dishes, when my thoughts will drift off to imagining being in one of those courses in December, and people at work talking about it. Instead of saying my name though, they might say "That guy is taking courses about psychology", and the words I'll actually speak will be "That guy" or such. It's almost certainly one of those things that's interesting only to me, but it started happening only recently, and became noticeable enough tonight that I had to say something about it in here when I got home. Also at work tonight, I asked Melissa if, should I need to, I would be able to switch my days off to Monday and Thursday starting in January, and she said that would be fine. I went on telling her that I was considering taking a couple night courses though, which of course made her curious, and when it came out that they were about psychology, she said she wanted to warn me in advance that there were some people in her family in that field, and their way of thinking was markedly different from "normal" people. Apparently her sister (I think) has rather backwards rules for her kids, but I'm willing to work with that. I already believe that my thinking isn't completely normal, but it's suited me well thus far.

All of that being said though, I am off to bed, so I can be half a day closer to my day off, which will be nice and fun with hopefully nothing but Super Mario Galaxy, and washing dishes now that Naomi has finally given me ten dollars. I beat all the trial galaxies tonight (Loopdeswoop Galaxy only took two attempts, unlike my previous playthrough of the game), and got a couple more purple comet stars, so I might even be into playing through the game again as Luigi by the time Tuesday gets here. More immediately, I think I'll be leaving for work early tomorrow to get corn puffs and to meet up with Brandon, but I don't want to sleep in past 3 (the 12th - going to Heart and Stroke to meet Natasha - is coming up very very soon), so I need to get to sleep right now~

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