Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Hard to Make a Decision

Could I just let this go and not write anything for another day? Probably, but I don't really want to, although for that matter, I don't really know what I want to do at all today. Going to work later should be nice for once, because Mary is the closing manager, and I'm looking forward to trying to get along with her as best as possible, and seeing what happens if she actually is as irritable now as people claim she is, but I don't know aside from that. When I woke up, I absolutely loved the idea of coming home after work, playing Super Mario Galaxy some more, preferably until I got tired enough to go to straight to bed, then going to bed, and letting Naomi head out to get groceries with Mom tomorrow, as I don't need nor have the money for anything out there, but I don't know anymore. I planned to vacuum the floor in my room this afternoon, then work on a complete backup and desktop-cleaning, but I'm clearly not doing either of those, simply... because.

That's not to say the past two days have been entirely lethargic and depressing and generally irksome though. Something good that happened on Monday was overhearing Naomi tell Adam that Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob would be coming down for Thanksgiving this year, which I'm looking forward to. That used to happen on a regular basis when we were kids - Thanksgiving and Christmas (if not other holidays) were big, busy affairs, where we'd have almost twenty people in the house at a time, and everything would be all festive and exciting - but nowadays, the house seems alot smaller, and, understandably, nobody really wants to travel anywhere from one to three (possibly more) hours just to spend time and have a meal with extended family. Alternately, that could just be me being pessimistic, but even if I am, I will reiterate what I said about looking forward to seeing them. It might help to know exactly when Thanksgiving is, because I'm definitely going to make something for it, but I would have the answer to that question already if it mattered enough, so I can't complain about not knowing.

Secondly, I didn't go to Heart and Stroke on Monday. The decision was a combination of being tired from the heat the past couple days before that, and deciding I wasn't that type of person - that it wasn't in my nature to flounce in there and essentially say "You're going to accept this regardless of how you feel, and these are the reasons why". I felt bad about not going all afternoon and evening though, so I did go there yesterday, and I'd say it went well. Natasha seems nice enough, and doesn't have a problem with either of the things I approached her about (I didn't ask about the Christmas party, but will very likely not be attending it this year, simply out of principle, if not because I'm not here then), and Michele seemed unnaturally pleased about me stopping in to say hi. I guess I expect to be greeted everywhere else as I do at work - with a "Hi" or "Hello" from most people, and maybe a question or two about how I'm doing from the people I work with most often. At any rate, things there should be dealt with until the beginning of next month, or whenever Michele decides that I am needed. And yes, while I might not for my first day back there, I'll definitely be making cookies to take in the second. Definitely.

I can't think of anything else to say about yesterday or the day before that, so now, my only plan for the future is to tell Naomi that if she wants, she can go grocery shopping tomorrow. I don't have the money, nor do I need to get anything out there, so she can go with Mom instead, and I'll stay here to work on the things mentioned above. I suppose there's no harm getting started right now though~

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