Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I've a Talent for Procrastinating

I pretty much went straight out to Shoppers when I woke up, made some lunch back at home, and since then, have been playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, intending to get to this sometime before leaving for work. Problem is, I decided that I would go to Food Basics for another container of ice cream and some peanuts tonight, so I should leave around 6:30 to ensure having enough time, but it's quarter after now, and I just looked away from the game long enough to realize what time it was. I should still have enough time even with that though, because Food Basics isn't too much further away. As for work, I don't expect anything remarkable from it, but after some thinking, figure that's only because I just had the night off, and work for only a single shift before having another night off, which is then followed by working over supper, and not on a shift that would see me having to close the dining room, at that. Monday might be moderately more annoying, due to starting at 7 instead of 8, but as long as Gabby and Laura don't mind, I will probably go to KFC first for another large order of popcorn chicken to keep in the cabinet so it stays warm, and to have for supper / a snack when I get home. For some reason though, the first time I bought that (recently) it cost nearly $15, but when I went there earlier this week, it was only ~$10.

Anyway though, as mentioned above, I went to Shoppers today to get the package that couldn't be delivered yesterday, and it seems to be in good, working order. It felt wrong having to cut the packaging of somebody else's gift open to make sure it worked, but hopefully that won't require more than a quick explanation of "You'll notice the package is already cut open. I had to make sure it worked before leaving feedback for the seller". My list is getting to be more and more filled with plus signs (indicating that I have the item, and just need to wrap it) though, which is nice. I'm not really sure what's going on with the fairly large package I'm expecting right now, as the last email I received from the company said it would be shipped soon, but checking the status of my order says I can expect to receive it within two business days, but yeah, I'd just like to know that it's on its way here, I guess.

As for other things from yesterday, there's the mall, for one. I went to both places listed, but didn't get anything at either one. After that, I went up to Via Rail, to find a sign on the door that said the station was closed until 7:30pm (at that point it was only 6:45 or so), so I went over to Money Mart instead, and put $50 on my Visa, so the internet is all but paid for for this month. Then I just went back home, because I didn't have anywhere else to go, and along the way started thinking about what I wanted to do for supper. Arbys sounded good, even moreso because I saw coupons to be used there on the table a couple days ago, but upon getting back home, I couldn't find Mom and Dad (or the coupons anywhere). I figured they must have been out somewhere, so I went upstairs to have a shower. They had returned by the time I finished with that, but before I could ask about going to Arbys, I noticed Mom carrying three pizzas. Yes. I will still keep Arbys in mind, possibly for as early as tomorrow evening, but that, along with not getting anything at the mall saved me some money, which is better in the end. Finally, at 8:00, Dad and I went out to do a little more running around. Our first destination was Future Shop, where I purchased Mom's biggest gift, and then to Via Rail, which was actually open that time. As such, I now have a ticket for December, preemptive as it may be, and therefore should only need to worry about minor or expected expenses from now until then. Just as desired though, the departure time is for 6:30pm on December 13th, so hopefully that whole day will come together nicely. I am as yet really not sure how getting on the train after dark and traveling to someplace, which we won't get to until 10pm will go, but whatever. That should be a nice difference, and I am only at the beginnings of thinking about what to do when I arrive. If I'm hungry again, it might be nice to go out for supper to celebrate my birthday with friends, after having done so only recently with family back at home, but it is much, much too early to start planning anything like that.

On the opposite side of things, I'm also late for leaving for work, so I need to finish this up and head out. Here's hoping for a quick, non-annoying night~

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