Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Best to Expect the Worst

Not to be self-important, but here's what I expect to happen at work tonight: go in, and do whatever the manager requires for the first three or four hours, then be asked my Laura if I'll stay 'til 11 for Audrey, so she can go home at 10, as she has absolutely no experience closing the dining room aside from last night, which was her first time. Either that, or I'll be asked to stick around and help in general, because while the closing staff are strong in their respective positions, neither of them are particularly adept at closing on their own - in other words, they know what to do, but not necessarily the best way to do it. As far as I'm concerned though, I'll stay the extra hour to help, but not to actually take over closing the dining room, but no later than that, as I will then want to come home and resume feeling sorry and guilty for myself. All told yesterday, I ate half a tub of frozen yogurt, about half a pouch of salted peanuts, and seven burgers, two orders of loaded curly fries, and a cup of orange pop from Arbys. At the time, I didn't feel noticeably bad, aside from my stomach hurting, but I do not know the best way to go about mitigating the effects of that now. I'd still like to go out for snacks after work tonight, but cannot allow myself to knowing what happened yesterday. I guess what I can do is say no to getting snacks just because I walk past 7-11 on the way home and want some, and only go out - for something small, at that - if and when I can't ignore the desire after that. I could hold off going to 7-11 and / or Tim Hortons until Tuesday or Thursday, in fact, but only if I knew for sure that I wouldn't be tempted with other things in the meantime. It's such a shame, but at least being responsible about it is better than saying "Oh... yeah... I'll worry about my weight later".

Aside from gross overeating though, I did enjoy myself yesterday. The only game I played was Super Mario Galaxy 2, but I did a fair bit on it, and have a couple places to go already when I get back to it tonight. Hopefully it can hold my interest for longer though. I can't remember the exact circumstances of the weekend, but how was it that just recently, I was able to spend the entire night down there, only to go out to McDonalds for breakfast afterward? Sure, I did still get about 7 hours in yesterday before deciding to be done, but I seemingly don't have the patience for it that I used to. Either that, or not being able to continue through the game as normal for all the prankster comets appearing is more annoying than it looks. What I could also - and will - try on Tuesday is taking both the first and second Super Mario Galaxy downstairs, and switching to the other when I get bored of the first. One of the problems yesterday was getting tired from eating so much food, so hopefully if I don't do that, and am not just playing the same game for many hours straight, it will hold my interest for longer. What really is shameful about this though is how I'll only be able to continue doing it for a certain amount of time. Thanks to Trish and Ericka coming back in November (from what Adam said), I won't be able to, say, go out to Walmart and / or Real Canadian Superstore after midnight in December, then come home and resume game-playing while I enjoy whatever edible treats I may have purchased out there. That would really be fun, but to get a little bit ahead of myself, I did notice a Wii at the apartment last time I was in Toronto, so if it's still there, I just might see about doing that one night.

Moving onto more serious things now, I think I've finally decided what to do about night courses. Interesting as it may appear, Human Sexuality is no longer being considered, on the grounds that it's an online course. Were I to have more experience with those, it would be my first choice, but I'd rather start out with something in-class, and Basic Psychology seems to be my best bet, entirely for the first word. As I was reasoning to myself on the way home from work a couple nights ago, the worst that could happen from that is already having a grasp of some of the things I / were are taught, but should that happen, I'd rather it be grounded in fact than self-taught knowledge. As for when I plan to go there to apply, Thursday of this coming week would work best, since I don't have to do anything else that day. Not to mention we'll have been paid by then, and if Manoah puts $100 in the safe for me like he said he would, I'll have ~$800 in the bank instead of 7, but I intend to pay for the course with money from my savings, as it's about time I finally did something worthwhile with it.

Other things aside though, the current state of my room is really starting to bother me, so I'm going to clean it up right now, and there, I just gave myself another idea for something to do to distract myself from snacks when I get home - vacuum. I still haven't, and that would be something to look ahead to doing while I'm at work other than just coming home and relaxing again~

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