Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The New Cure for Illness

While I am pleased to report that I didn't get a headache at work yesterday, I came down with a different set of problems that I thought would carry through to today, and be even worse when I woke up. For one, my throat felt unusually sore, not in an extremely bad way, but enough to make talking and swallowing a little uncomfortable. As well, it seemed as if breathing the air inside the building only made things worse, for whenever I opened the drive through window to take a customer's money or card, causing cool air from outside to waft in, it became much easier to breathe. Third, along with my throat, my the inside of my nose was drier than normal, and finally, I once again felt quite fatigued, but still feel that could just be because I slept for ten hours last night. Ironically, despite all of that unpleasantness, I played Super Mario Galaxy 2 until 4:30, instead of just giving up at 3 like last time, and then stayed downstairs reading things online for almost another hour and a half, when, combined with having woken up at ~1:30pm, means that even though I thought I was sick, I got a beter sleep than when I was well. That being said, it's still quite possible that the same symptoms will creep back later tonight, probably while I'm washing dishes, and worse than before, at that, which is where the title of this entry comes in. For most of yesterday night, I was kind of hoping to be definitely feeling unwell today, as that would most likely carry through to tomorrow, leaving me unable to go to work, and with three days off instead of two, with a close in between them. In this case, there truly is nothing I can do but wait and see.

Aside from that, this - for the hour or so that I've been awake - feels pretty much the same as last Tuesday. I want to go downstairs and resume game playing right now, and don't want to have to wash the dishes later, but do want to get a sandwich from Tim Hortons since I never made it there yesterday (instead, I spent $15 at 7-11 (go figure)), which sounds like a nice night overall. Nice, that is, with exception for Super Mario Galaxy 2, because I left off last night at what will undoubtedly be an annoying-to-get star. The requirements for it are to navigate world 5's boss level and defeat the boss without getting hit, which would be alot easier if there's a checkpoint flag just before the boss. Probably not though, since those weren't present for any of the other daredevil stars, but all of the rest required you only to defeat a boss without getting hit, which, while annoying, was actually achievable. In the event hat should get annoying though, I think I'll give Twilight Princess yet another try today. Yes, I do mean starting a new game again, but I'd like to beat it, or at least have really tried to beat it before getting / looking into getting Skyward Sword. As for Metroid: Other M, I want to say that's just a matter of having the money. We do get paid this week, but as mentioned before, I don't expect to get as much as I'd like. That would make it too easy.

On a related note though, the package mentioned yesterday has come quite far in 24 hours. It started out in California, and as of 11:46 this morning, had left the DHL facility in Hamilton. Now if I could just remember which shipping company it was that's delivered packages later in the afternoon before. I want to say FedEx, because that would fit with having to pay them for covering the customs fees afterward, but it may just as well be DHL, because their shipping services page does say "by the end of the next business day". Of course, that begs to know when their business day ends, but if I'm lucky, I'll have a new package filled with various things by the time I start washing the dishes later, and that would be neat. The tracking page for Brandon's merchandise has also updated, but I figure he'll be lucky if that's here by the end of the week.

Other things aside, I think I'll end this entry here to go get started with day-off activities. Breakfast would be a good idea, because I'm quite starving already...

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