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Have You No Concern for Others?

Maybe I'm getting a little too indignant about this, but Brandon requested something earlier tonight, and it still has me rather annoyed. Apparently he and a friend are meeting up in a couple days to hang out, and they want to have a movie-watching marathon, meaning my place in their arrangements is to download the files. Specifically, he asked for all the Star Wars movies, which is one problem I have. With George, it wasn't too bad, because I gave him updates on his downloads whenever I saw him at work, and he would bring in his hard drive the next time we closed together, or forget it, but express genuine regret, as opposed to Brandon, who just shrugs it off. I guess that's one of the reasons I dislike his requests more. Money isn't so bad these days, as he seems to be catching on that I don't like to be kept waiting, but evidently we'll need to have a talk about downloading, because as it is right now, it feels like I'm being used more as a free service, instead of somebody who's doing a favor for somebody else. What I would like from him is links to what he wants downloaded - links to all of the Star Wars movies, in tonight's case - and also, once they're finished downloading and I inform him of such at work, his attentive effort to come by and get those as soon as he has a chance. I have seven or eight movies that have been piling up since the last couple weeks of August, and tonight will have been the first time he said anything to me about getting them, which is another thing that bothers me. He started out his email by asking if I'd be able to download all of the Star Wars movies by tomorrow night, which is fine. He also told me that he wants them for the movie-watching marathon mentioned above, which I have no issue with either. The problem is how he asked me to put them on an external hard drive and bring it in to work, so he could get them once his shift ended. I'll fit as much as I can onto my 8GB PSP memory stick, but beyond that, he's out of luck. The external hard drives belong to me, not him. What he could do is drop off or have somebody drop his off here tomorrow morning, so I can put the movies on it, then take that in to work. The same desired outcome is realized in the end, but in a way that is fair to both of us, instead of mostly just to him. That, of course, begs the question of why I was willing to do it for Xion, and still am in December, but in that case, as uncomfortable as I feel admitting it, it's because he and Dan are giving me much more in return. Anyway, that's about the most annoying thing that happened tonight, as evidenced by the size of the paragraph. Other things (some of them good, instead) are as follows:

a. Super Mario Galaxy 2. Good in the end, but decidedly bad at some points getting there. I beat the first part of the game tonight - that is, collecting all of the stars initially accessible before the final battle with Bowser, which was a fairly annoying trial. Throwback galaxy was neat and fun and unexpected, but many of the others in world S were not. For example, the galaxy containing only the cyclone stone area from the Beach Bowl level of the first game took about twenty lives to collect the two stars in. Not to be outdone by that was collecting 100 purple coins in either Rolling Coaster galaxy (Adam called it Rainbow Road, and it was pretty close), or the one from Toy Time galaxy in the first game where there are more than 100 purple coins scattered across a 2D sprite-like image of Luigi, except in the second game, there are exactly 100, and cosmic Marios chase you around the entire level after the first jump. Oh, and as if those weren't enough, there's also a level where you're made to fight five bosses from the first game in a row, which I was almost certain would eventually have a prankster comet whose condition was to beat all five bosses without getting hit once. Thankfully that wasn't the case, but it had me quite concerned at first. What's even more though is that after beating the game once, I was able to collect the few remaining stars, for a total of 120, which was expected. Then I was tasked with beating the game again, same as in the first Super Mario Galaxy, and sure enough there was an extra cutscene, followed by a cryptic message about prankster comets appearing, even though I had made sure to clear every one of them first. Lo and behold, I now have to go back through the entire game collecting green stars, which are scattered in twos or threes per level, and have absolutely no hint as to their locations, except for a distinct twinkling sound they make. Some of them are quite hard to find too - the second one in the last level of the first world requires you to pick up a super mushroom (so that you have six health instead of 3), and long-jump backward from the starting point of a particular area, and bounce on the lava several times, being hurt in the process, and then be lucky enough to collide with the star. I'm looking forward to the challenge, and it's certainly nice to know that the game is far from over, but all the same, I just thought I was done, and now I quite literally have to redouble my efforts. At any rate, I took a picture of my progress before calling it a night, which can be seen here. Maybe by the end of tomorrow, I'll have a picture of world 2's list to share~

b. Snacks. Good as well, but even though I went to a relatively new place, there's still one specific taste that I didn't get enough of. To start with the place though, I decided to go to Sobeys tonight, and eventually ended up purchasing a package of turkey sausage sticks, a small bag of peanuts, and big tub of orange sherbert, because I just couldn't pass it up. Then I stopped at Tim Hortons on the way home too, but I said I was probably going to go there in my previous entry, so that's nothing new. Having gone to Sobeys once again makes me miss going there when they were still open 24 hours though. I might end up spending more money there, but it'd be well worth being able to go whenever I wanted. As for the specific taste I didn't get enough of though, it is maple syrup. I don't know exactly why, but I could've drank an entire bottle of the stuff before feeling satisfied today, which is significantly more than the small amount I squirted into a bowl to dip my turkey sausages in. I think I just might go to Food Basics for some frozen waffles tomorrow, or make pancakes for my supper when I get home, unless I'm in the mood for something entirely different, but that doesn't seem likely at the moment. Waffles would actually be really good, and... yeah. I'm rather chagrined that I didn't even think to get those before now. Probably because they wouldn't last long, even in the basement freezer, but I can afford to take my chances at least one time~

There's probably still more to write about, but it's already 6:30, and I hadn't planned on staying up this late, so I'm going to bed, just as soon as I look for a different torrent of one of the movies Brandon wants, because the one I have loaded in uTorrent right now is going really slowly. I may not completely like his request, but it wouldn't be right for me not to do the best I could to fulfill it, and... it's getting so that I can't keep my eyes open now, so I am done. Until next time, and all of those other things~

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