Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

No Luck

Went to EB Games at 12:30. Asked if they had any Wiis. Got told no, but that they hadn't gotten any in for the week yet, so I should try calling back tomorrow. Sounds good. Then we stopped by Taco Bell, where I got my lunch. A steak taquito and cheesy fiesta potatoes.

Josh was there as well (he opened, apparently), and after finding out I didn't have to work tonight, asked if I wanted to hang out, and I told him "No. I'm going to London" :D Then he gave me an exacto knife, seeing as last time I worked, I used his to cut the flaps off of some boxes, and broke it :p And during the same shift, I also found out what our next promotion is going to be. A 7-layer crunchwrap :s Why does it always have to be a grilled item? Since I started there, we haven't yet had a promo item that wasn't grilled. At least that I can remember.

Hmm. About an hour left. Dad came downstairs earlier, and handed me a notepad with a URL written on it, and asked me if I could find anything out about "it". So I went to the site, which was an eBay auction page, and then he decides to ask me "Can you download that?" So I went on Demonoid, found a torrent, and it's downloading right now. He wanted "The Point" by some Harry Nilsson. I vaguely remember listening to that a long time ago (back when we had the record :s), so I'm looking forward to listening to it as well.

Feh. It's 10 after 3 right now, and I'm all ready to go, so I guess I'll post this, then wait :p

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