Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Package of Great Mystery

When I finally woke up and felt rested enough to stay awake today, I opened my door to find not one but two delivery slips, one from DHL, and the other from Canada Post. The latter said the same thing that pretty much all the others I've received in the past have - that I can pick up my package at a particular Shoppers Drug Mart after 1pm on the following day. As for DHL, they seemingly didn't offer any option to pick the package up from them (and for good reason, as apparently Chatham is included in the Hamilton service area), instead instructing me to write my signature and sign my name on the slip, thus giving them permission to leave the package without obtaining a signature first. The problem with that is I don't know how large the package is, which therefore means I don't know if it'll fit between the front doors, so I taped a piece of paper to the delivery slip, with a note on it that said "If possible, and the package is too large to leave between the front doors, please leave it either at the side door, or on the back porch. Thanks". Whether or not they'll choose to follow my instructions, however, is debatable, so just to be on the safe side, I'm going to set my alarm for 11, and if the delivery slip is still there then, find something to keep me awake until noon, and if there's still no sign of the delivery person after that, go back up to bed, and hope for the best. That's only one of the problems about current packages though. The other is that I am completely uncertain as to what Canada Post has for me. Of the things I'm still expecting, the only one that should be here by the end of the month is the four-pack of USBCell batteries, but they were sent out on the 11th, and it's only 11 days after that right now. I would be honestly disappointed if it was the batteries, as, like I mentioned before, I no longer have use for those (at least at present), but it'll be gratifying to find out one way or the other.

Moving on from that now, pretty much everything seems to be in place for tomorrow. Although it was rushed, Mom and I went grocery shopping today, so we should have roughly an hour free in the afternoon to go to St. Clair, so I can register for the psychology night course I want to take. More than that though, assuming everything goes well and according to plan, the class ends at 9:30pm, and I can think of at least one place out on the west end of the city that I would be interested in visiting more often than I do now. I might also be looking forward to that because thus far, I've generally only walked to and from work on a regular basis, and not from anywhere else, but hopefully I'll be able to do that, as the thought on its own is quite nice. Getting back to the program though, I checked the price again, and the class itself should be about $250, which is pretty reasonable. I'm still paying for it with money from my savings account, but it feels a little less necessary now, after seeing the amount on my pay stub at work tonight. Thanks somewhat in part to the holiday (on which I earned $50 extra), but mostly to working three four-day weekends in a row back at the beginning of the month, I made ~$650, which was a very nice surprise. Even better is how Manoah still owes me $100, and after that, I see no reason to not be back up to where I was before starting to buy Christmas presents by the first pay of next month. Unfortunately, part of what makes me so certain is that this weekend I'm working Friday through to Sunday, and next, I'm back on from Friday through to Monday (but at least I have a supper shift on the last day), which will only be manageable as long as I can remind myself that the most expensive of my Christmas gifts are purchased, and whatever I have left over after giving Mom and Dad their money and paying for the internet, etc. goes straight to saving for December. Well, mostly. I'm still going to want some money with which to buy Halloween candy on November 1st, and there will most certainly be other expenses between now and when I'm going away, but it feels remarkably good to no longer be struggling to have at least some money in my checking account.

On that note though, I'm off to bed for another night. Five hours will doubtlessly pass quickly, so the sooner I get to sleep, the better~

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