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Objectives Complete

I tried writing this yesterday night, but just couldn't stay awake. My alarm did wake me up at 11am, as expected, and between then and 12 noon, I got all of another half hour of sleep, at most, making for a total of about five hours for the entire night, and a very drowsy me past 11pm. I fell asleep for a bit in front of the TV once again, and might have been able to write a complete entry in here, had I not decided that cleaning my room was more important, which quickly turned into going back to doing things on my laptop, and after a short time of that, I just couldn't stay awake any longer. At any rate, yesterday was pretty full altogether, and here are the remarkable things I can remember about it:

a. My Goal Has Been Met
Thanks to the package Shoppers was holding for me, which was something I didn't expect to be here for another week at least, and also going out to Walmart later on the same afternoon, my Christmas shopping is 100% complete until December. Well, maybe 99% complete, actually, as there's one last thing I'm going to try to get for Dad, but I have everything else, and it's only the 23rd of September, so look at that - I set my mind to something, and have nothing but positive results to show for it, which is a very good feeling. Unfortunately, there are some downsides to being done as well. One, I told Mom once we got back home that with the things I picked up / bought that afternoon, my Christmas shopping was pretty much all done, to which she replied by saying she was jealous, and might be nearly finished herself, if somebody would give her ideas, but I still seriously don't know. I could ask her to buy me a second Wiimote nunchuck (I don't need it quite yet, but would like to have a second one to go with the second controller), if that wasn't something I could pick up on my own between now and Christmas, and not a whole lot else comes to mind. Another thing I need is to look at storage containers next time I'm out at Walmart (we did go there yesterday, yes, but were rushed for time, as Mom had to be back at home by 4), because having a couple of those - assuming they were sufficiently large - would allow me to clear off my top bunk, but storage containers for Christmas would be kind of a dumb gift. Maybe I should actually look through catalogues and such to find things that I would like to get. That's the only idea I have right now. Also unfortunate, on the way out to Walmart, Mom asked if I had anything for Naomi yet, and when I said that I did, told me that was too bad, because she was going to ask me about going "halfsies" on the exact thing I bought for her (Naomi) right at the beginning of my shopping. She said she'd have to check prices anyway, and after some thinking about whether or not it was worth it, told her not to worry about it, and to not say anything to Naomi, but that I already had exactly what she (Mom, this time) was thinking of getting for her as well. It shouldn't really matter, as Mom has been present during every purchase I've made for Dad, thus far, but I still want my ideas to remain a secret...

b. Five Months 'til College
"Five months 'til night course" to be completely proper, but it's held in the college, therefore I'm entitled to say "same difference". I went there yesterday and applied / registered, which cost ~$243 in total, so I'm all set for the next little while. No word on what textbook(s) will be needed, but I found this while looking at the bookstore website yesterday. I do realize it specifically says "FALL 2011", but that option was the only one available, presumably until the Fall period ends, which I assume will happen on the 30th of September. Even then, if only that one book is needed for the Winter course, that'll be quite reasonable. Also though, I will need to talk to Melissa about that tonight. The course I enrolled for is held on Monday, and right now I'm not getting Monday off, but she said it would be completely fine to have, say, Monday and Thursday off instead, starting in January if I needed to, so that's taken care of already. As for Heart and Stroke, I don't think it will be affected. I can just ask Melissa to only work closes on Tuesday, and still go to both as needed. I'm actually quite pleased with how that'll all work out <3 Thinking about what I wrote regarding this yesterday some more as well, getting home should be especially nice this time, because when I was in college before, I had to walk home once, maybe twice (all other times, I had my bike), and it seemed so ridiculously far and exhausting, but that was only because I had nothing to do along the way. Now, however, I'd have time to turn left at Keil, go up to McNaughton, and walk out to work before going home, if I wanted to. Imagine that...

I am now going straight to finishing cleaning my room though, as continuing to look around has reminded me of what a mess it is, and then I'll probably go downstairs to work on Super Mario Galaxy 2 some more. When I went upstairs last night, I had just finished collecting the green stars in world 5, so I think it's reasonable to expect to be done by the end of the weekend. Before getting back to it though, I want to take a peek at the guide, just to see what information it contains. No spoilers, or anything, but I have a room to clean before that, and I am absolutely not going to procrastinate again. Time to get busy~

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