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New People Complicate Things

I can't remember if I mentioned it or not in here, but we have a new closing person at work, and also, as of yesterday afternoon (presumably), Mary has been transferred to Sarnia, meaning James is likely to get promoted next, and that should be interesting. I decided on the way home that while I could see him being a manager, I couldn't picture him being as... strict, but I guess we'll see. Not to mention that begs the question of whether or not Melissa will now be looking for somebody to fill in for Mary, but that will be revealed within the next few months too, so all anybody can do is wait. Regarding asking her about switching my days off starting in January, she was - once again - absolutely fine with the request. She even asked if I wanted both Monday and Tuesday off, but I told her no, Monday and Thursday would be fine, just so long as I could count on only working closes on Tuesday, as I would still be going to Heart and Stroke during the afternoon. I also asked her about getting Thanksgiving off, because I'd like to be here for having extended family and whatnot down this year, but I wasn't sure which day we were actually having Thanksgiving on, and didn't think to go back into the office for the phone to call Mom and ask, so I told her I'd have an answer tomorrow, meaning as of tonight, that should be all set. Tonight will also be the middle of the weekend for me, which is a vast improvement over before, and I am very very much looking forward to going to Food Basics before work tomorrow to get waffles, but there's one thing that may pose some difficulty between now and then.

Specifically, we have a new closer, as mentioned above. Technically he doesn't only close, but between this weekend and next, he works four, which is pretty well close enough. Anyway, his name is Tom, and apparently he used to work there, quite a long time ago, and is back for reasons that haven't come up in conversation yet. The thing is, he's pretty much forgotten whatever prior experience he had - which I can't fault him for in any way - leading to Laura back on Wednesday telling me that for Friday night, it was probably going to be me on drive through, and she and him online, as she didn't know if he was capable of working on his own yet. That's how the night started out, but around 10, Laura told me that eventually he and I would be switching positions, so she could go back and get some prep work done, which had me extremely angry for a good hour or so. Granted, she did have alot to catch up on, but she was also spending far too much time helping Orlando make orders. Either that, or she was outside smoking, so I don't think she actually did get any work done within that hour. I didn't really have a choice in the end though, so at 11, I hid my drawer full of money so it would be out-of-the-way until Laura was caught up and I went back on it again, then instructed Tom as to what my requests were to keep the area looking tidy, and went away for pretty much the rest of the night. The first hour and a half of that was comprised of making orders and getting things caught up on line that Laura hadn't done yet (almost everything, unfortunately), then at 12:30, she said that she would take over for one of us, so we could go back to wash the dishes. Tom initially volunteered, saying he'd be willing if I didn't want to do them, but I said I absolutely would, and for good reason. Even though I was - in Laura's words - flying through them (and I was going pretty quickly, because that's one of the benefits afforded by not having to stop every couple minutes to take an order), they still took an hour and a half to get completely caught up. Then it was about quarter after 2, so I spent the remaining time cleaning up a few other things up front, followed by Laura effectively dumping all of line on me (cleaning it up and so on) at the end of the night, so I went back to get my earphones and PSP, and pushed through that in about an hour. Then I went down to drive through to get a glass of water, and noticed many things in disarray. Water and ice cubes in the sink, not-even stacks of cups, the debit machine PIN pad cord bunched up beside the pad in the window, and other things that I would've taken the time to correct, had that still been my position. Even if I took over it again for the last ten minutes of the night, I would have, but no, they just had a slightly messy drive through area in the morning.

As for how Tom complicates things, it's just what I said above. As of last night, he proved that he's capable of handling himself in drive through, but prior to that shift starting he was completely new to closing, and neither Laura nor I knew what to expect of him. Tonight might be different, because Gabby is the closing manager instead, but Orlando did say last night that he heard her mention putting me on the same position I already was yesterday for Saturday night. I guess I could deal with that, should it turn out that way, but if the dishes are as piled up as they were before, well, I'll look forward to listening to music on my PSP while washing all of those at the end of the night then.

Work-related things aside, between coming home and going to bed, I collected the last eight green stars I needed on Super Mario Galaxy 2, and gave Grandmaster galaxy exactly one try before going to bed. The first area was easy, the second, kind of a bother, because I didn't have a pattern established to step on all the blocks in one go, the third was also fairly unmentionable (before I started playing the game, I thought Cloud Mario would be an annoying powerup, but it's actually really fun and useful), and then the fourth, well, I somehow got it in my head that the comet medal was hidden behind / underneath one of the enemies you have to knock a coconut / watermelon back at to defeat, but only managed to defeat the first one, as the spiky shock-ring turrets are ridiculously annoying. I will give it a couple more tries once I'm finished here, but there's no telling whether or not I'll have more success this afternoon. As that game is seemingly almost done with though, I was thinking before going to bed about what I should start on next, and I think finishing up my file as Luigi in the first Super Mario Galaxy would be best, followed by either Twilight Princess, of Metroid: Other M, as I bought that back on Thursday. It's been kind of tedious so far though, which is ironic considering it feels like Samus moves remarkably fast.

On that note, I think I will actually be done just here because I need to go ask Mom about Thanksgiving, and that'll give me more time to see just how many more areas there are left in Grandmaster galaxy. Probably several, so they'd better not all be as annoying as the fourth...

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