Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Twice in One Week

While I do believe I got slightly more sleep this time, today will be the second in the same seven-day period that I've gone to bed after 6am, and woken up before 1, intending to stay awake for the entire day. Last time, I was expecting a package and didn't want to miss it, but this time, an aunt and uncle we haven't seen in almost 15 years (I can't even remember their names - I just know that she looks like Aunt Marie, except older) were coming up from Florida to visit, and considering the circumstances (not having seen them in such a long time, mostly), I reasoned that it would be unacceptable to sleep in and treat the day as normal. Besides, if I was able to make it through Thursday okay (albeit with the day off), I can do the same tonight, and being on the tired side might actually make work somewhat easier, because I'm closing with Gabby, and something happened last night between her and I that is still unresolved. Right at the end of the night, she came back to put the rest of the dishes away while I was rinsing out the sinks, and said that "they" - the drain covers that make sure nothing too large goes down the drain - were there for a reason, which I clearly wasn't aware of, because the one in the sink I was rinsing was lifted up a bit to allow more stuff to pass under it. The thing is, it had been pulled up that little bit all night, and I said as much, to which she responded by saying "But still, you didn't push it back down, and you've been washing dishes...", and I just sort of shrugged, and went off to change out of my uniform after a bit. In other words, I worry that she'll take issue with my indifference, so we'll see what happens tonight. Honestly, I was getting really frustrated with her yesterday, so before I go to work tonight, I need to find some way to step back and tell myself to seriously calm down. There are already certain things I don't do when Gabby closes, but do when other managers are on, so one more isn't going to affect anything, especially if it means making it to my two days off without incident.

Getting back to the original topic though, we went out to Smittys for lunch with said aunt and uncle, which was an... interesting experience. As I was on my way out the door, Mom asked if there was any way I could not be seen with my tail and ears, and I gave her a firm, almost angry "No". She left it at that, but then Naomi started up, saying that she'd stay here then, which I responded to by saying "That's fine. It'll be nicer without you there", because she honestly does have a tendency to be childish, and then she said it would be less embarrassing without me there, called me a "wanna-be cat boy", then, as we were getting into the van, a "little girl". First of all, your words truly wound me, Naomi. I mean, "wanna-be cat boy", and "little girl"? Is throwing puerile insults around still the only way you have of expressing your dissatisfaction? Secondly, at least in this city, I am the cat boy, or cat guy, as people seem to prefer. Mind you, I'd still prefer they knew that a snow leopard was the proper animal, instead of just a standard cat, but that aside, I am not a "wanna-be". I am that. As for how those points of difficulty were received at the restaurant, our aunt asked the expected questions, but pressed a little further, and wanted to know why, and that's not something I'm prepared to tell people, especially when Dad - who doesn't know all of the reasons - was sitting directly across the table from me with this uncomfortably (that is, it made me uncomfortable) proud smile on his face. Up to that point though, I was prepared to stand up, say that it was nice seeing them, and walk out, if it had been an issue. I like to think of it as that "sticks and stones" expression, except with the addition of "and if you don't want to be seen with me, I'll be happy to accommodate". That does sound extreme, yes, but thankfully it doesn't come up quite often enough to be.

In other news, both Manoah and Melissa had left work by the time I got there last night, meaning that for one, I will not be able to book the tenth of October off until Tuesday at earliest, and two, Manoah still owes me $100, but may not be able to give me the full amount this week, or even half of it. He was supposed to send me a message in MSN when he got home back on Friday night, but it took until yesterday after work to come home and find an empty chat window with his name at the top. No messages or anything, so I don't know how that came to be open (unless somebody was messing with my laptop while I was out), and he hasn't been online since then. It helps both of us that I don't really need that money right yet, but as of later this week, I might start pestering him. For one, I am definitely still going to Food Basics before work for waffles tonight, but am considering picking up other groceries - meat and cheese, mostly - at the same time, and also, I bought a copy of Kirby's Squeak Squad online for Adam yesterday which cost $30, which he was supposed to pay me back today, but hasn't yet. If he does, I'll just take that money to Food Basics, and if not, well, I'll adopt the same attitude as with Brandon. He can have the game when he pays me for it, and not before. It was kind of a pointless purchase though, because I have my own copy of the game, both in the form of the actual game card, and the ROM on my Acekard, either of which I would have let him borrow, but I'd rather he gets his own copy, so I don't have to worry about never getting mine back.

On that note, I'm going downstairs to either give The Perfect Run in Grandmaster Galaxy another try - the farthest I got yesterday was up to where you have to drop down below an electrified barrier, and grab a pull star to pull you back up underneath it, or see what New Super Mario Bros. Wii is like. Or start a new file on Twilight Princess, since I still want to do that. I'd really prefer to beat Super Mario Galaxy 2 first though, so just maybe I'll have some more luck this time~

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