Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not the Day I Was Hoping For

Look at me, still awake when it's nearly 7am, and I was getting tired back at 5:30. I am tired right now as well, to be fair, but I'd like to drag this out for as long as possible, so I can have a pleasant, relaxing sleep, and hopefully less stressful day tomorrow than this afternoon and evening was. For one, I'm definitely going to pay Food Basics another visit, this time for Pringles (just watch me buy extra things though - when I went this past weekend for waffles, I was planning to buy one box, but ended up with four, two boxes of mini pizzas, and a bottle of syrup), and there's nothing quite like working for one night after having the day off, and then going right back to another one. Plans for Thursday remain highly uncertain, but if Mom goes out to Real Canadian Superstore a second time after getting groceries, I'm going with her, to preorder The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword at EB Games, and also to exchange a Christmas gift I bought last week, that wasn't quite what I needed. More immediately though, I've been in a random irritable mood for a couple days, and that was most of my problem today. I washed what dishes were on the counter around 5, hoping that would be it for the day, as everybody else appeared to be gone, then went out for a walk to work to give Brandon his package, only to come back to find Mom in the kitchen making supper. It just occurred to me now, but I think the reason that bothered me as much as it did is the same thing that happens at work quite often. If I do something, I strongly prefer to not have to do it again for that period of time. In the case of work, that would mean washing some specific dish, only for somebody to come along and make it dirty again, whereas in the case of being at home, it's... pretty much the same. I would rather have to catch up the dishes only once, and that desire directly links to the solution I'm going to pursue for now. From this point on, I won't start washing dishes until 8pm. That's not to say there was only one annoyance today though. My choice of a new game to play quickly turned into another one, and in such, reminded me why I gave up on that game in the first place. The specific game I refer to is Twilight Princess, and my grievances with it are as follows:

a. Nearly everything looks the same. This wouldn't be so bad if foreground objects were more prominent, but when the entire first part of the game (up to the first dungeon) is greens and blues and browns, having to slog through a dungeon decorated in exactly the same colors is far from pleasant.
b. The controls are somewhat sluggish. To use Super Mario Galaxy 2 as an example, as that was the game I most recently played before this one, all but a few minor details were spot-on. Sometimes the side-jump didn't work properly, just like it was hard to triple jump in a confined space (which is kind of to be expected anyway), but aside from those, everything just worked and felt natural. A simple flick of the wrist was all that was needed to make Mario spin, compared to Twilight Princess, where it takes a fair bit of waggling the Wiimote about to draw your sword, or, assuming it's out, to attack (albeit only some of the time).
c. The game is boring. Herd cattle, go fishing, fetch a cradle from a mischievous monkey, buy a slingshot, acquire a sword, get sucked into the twilight world and transformed into Wolf Link, go through there... it's all very unremarkable. The only thing that had me anxious to play more was when the moblins break in on Ilia apologizing for accusing Link of mistreating Epona, and instead of going off to exact revenge, you're forced to navigate a dungeon, which I gave up on, because I couldn't find the last monkey in any of the rooms, and was getting tired of walking around effectively doing nothing. I don't want to waste time exploring and / or backtracking, unless I'm making progress in some other way at the same time. I read several posts on GameFAQS' message board for the game telling other players expressing the same sentiment that it gets better as of / after the fourth dungeon, and to a degree, Ocarina of Time was the same as well, but I still know roughly what to do in that game, whereas I've yet to beat Twilight Princess.

The last point especially makes me think I would benefit from having an FAQ handy, but instead of that, I intend to start a new file on Wind Waker, and see how that goes. Other options for tonight included Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, Okami, and Tales of Symphonia, but they all fell aside for one reason or another. It would seem my PS2 controller is still messed up, because the triangle button only worked about a quarter of the time, and scrolling through the menus was even worse. Okami would be exactly the same way, so I didn't give it a try, and never got to Tales of Symphonia, because I thought I would be more interested in Twilight Princess. Maybe that's for the best though, as I still don't know whether or not I'd really be able to get into it like I was before, or if I'd be too jaded by changes in personality and such since then to really be drawn in to the game. Failing that, I can always just seclude myself up in my room for days at a time again, until I think of a game that I really want to play, but by that point, Trish and Ericka could be here, making it impossible for me to do that.

Speaking of them, I more or less called Adam out on his being overprotective of Cinnamon earlier tonight. My exact question to him was "Why are you so protective of her?", and in response, he said "You got a problem with it?". I pointed out that the other three cats were well treated and looked after, to which he didn't have a response, and then I went out to 7-11. When I came back, I went directly into the living room, and saw her (Cinnamon) laying on the couch, so I scratched her head a bit, and she started purring, then Adam, from out in the dining room, said "You know she's trying to sleep, right?". I asked him "Well then why is she purring?", and all he said to that was "Oh, okay". It's kind of annoying, but not enough to really do anything more than I did tonight about. I can understand his concern, in that she's Trish's cat, and he doesn't want anything to happen to her, but as I said before leaving for 7-11, the other three cats all appear to be doing well, and are all given their fair share of attention throughout the day, so unless he actually sees her as representing Trish (which would explain his protectiveness), I don't understand what the problem is.

On that note though, I am ending this entry right where it stands, because I was only interested in writing for as long as it was still dark outside, and it is now getting light, making it time for bed. Nighttime lasting longer is indescribably exciting though, so sooner or later (probably later), I'll have to make arrangements to go to McDonalds for breakfast again. I wonder if I'd be so lucky as to get another two days off next week...

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