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This is Not Working ;_;

Since last night, I've started re-writing this entry six different times, and it never turns out. The best I was doing was just before I went to bed, and the only reason I couldn't finish that is because I absolutely could not keep my eyes open, and it's a shame, because I was legitimately interested in what I was writing about then. I still have the tab open, too, so I might as well copy and paste that over to this one.

I wonder what I could find if I was able to go back there now. Know where Loads of Love was originally? Over by that office building behind which was the bus yard on Richmond street? I did quite a lot of volunteer work for high school there many years ago, some of which involved going right to the back of the underground area (although the entire thing was underground, to be fair), where there was more bare floor than boxes or racks of clothing, and such else. To the left, there was a wall with a few pipes running into / through it, which was nothing remarkable, but if one looked to the right instead, you would be unable to see the far wall. It just kept going and going and going, which was weird, and creepy in a way that I didn't fully realize then, because Loads of Love's area extended only 20 feet or so down that passageway, and then abruptly ended. One time I was there, I started to venture further down, to see what I would find, when suddenly I heard noises from up ahead (the unknown area), and promptly went fleeing back to the safety of the couple other volunteers that were there. Unfortunately, they've since changed the location of the charity, but to this day, I still wonder what was down there. If it was completely deserted, as one would expect, why were there literally curtains erected in the front part of the structure to block off that other area, and for that matter, what was the entire structure used for when it was originally created? It ran down at least underneath the street and the car dealership next door, but nobody gave me (or anybody else that I saw) a warning to not go past that point, because the rest of the structure was being used by other people. I know, I know, the fact that I can't answer any of my questions exactly, and thus there are still unknowns and mysteries unsolved is a large part of my intense curiosity, but i had a dream about roughly the same thing last night, and that place is about the closest I can think of that exists in real life, and which I have actually been inside of. Just the idea that you can live and exist in one area, but have no idea that just through this door, or just down that passageway is, say, a mind-boggling expanse of tunnels, whose purpose were forgotten a long time ago is absolutely fascinating, and makes me sorry that real life isn't more often like that.

To give a different example, consider Megaman Battle Network 2. By the end of the game, you have access to practically every nook and cranny of the Internet, but it isn't until you go back to Lan's house, jack into his computer, and go all the way "back" to WWW Area 3 (or Undernet Area 8) that you can appreciate how far it extends. Perhaps a better example would be the secret area(s) of Megaman Star Force 3 (because in that game, Geo literally does turn into Megaman, instead of just controlling an avatar from wherever Lan may be), but I can't remember enough about that game to recall whether or not you were able to go all the way to the deepest area of the Internet from Geo's house. As for what brought this to mind, I had a dream the other night that involved a practically endless expanse of tunnels in the basement of a house we'd lived in all our life, but in conjunction with that, Adam's watching Ghost Hunters on and off, and me hearing more of it recently from being downstairs playing games has made me curious enough to start downloading it myself. I've only watched one episode thus far (partly because the download speed isn't that great), but there is that certain sense of mystery and feeling that there may be more to the world than meets the eye that I like. Unfortunately, the show itself is... inconclusive (but to be fair, that could just be the one episode I've watched so far). All they do is address the possibility of paranormal activity, but don't corroborate it outside of saying "This is what we were told about, and this is what we found", which is what I would expect of the show, but isn't truly gripping on its own. That being said, as with the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation titled "Genesis", I couldn't watch that entire episode last night, because it was creeping me out too much.

In other news, everything I wanted to do today is now done. Mom and I went out to EB Games earlier, where I bought Trauma Team and preordered Zelda: Skyward Sword, then drove up the parking lot to Walmart, so I could exchange the previously-mentioned Christmas gift for one that should actually be right this time, and also so I could buy a new PS2 controller, which I don't absolutely need right now, but feel I was better off getting while I was out there, instead of waiting until I want to play a game on the PS2 again. It's still practically only the beginning of the day though, so I don't know what else I want to do, if anything. I do intend to play Wind Waker some more, because I cleared Dragon Roost Cavern before going to bed last night, but I don't have any plans aside from that. On a completely different note, which I'm tacking onto this paragraph only because it's too short to start a new line with, Brandon (un)officially diagnosed me with obsessive-compulsive disorder last night, which was mildly amusing. It started with me wiping the sink in the drive through area out after he'd washed his hands in it and made a mess, even though he said he would clean that up on his own. When he saw me doing that, he made a comment to Orlando about "taking advantage of his [my] OCD", which I didn't catch at first, and then it just continued from there. Apparently the fact that I tap on the top-back of all closed fry / nacho boxes so the folded part doesn't stick in is another indication, and so on. Like I said above, it was mildly amusing, especially when he asked me if that was really something I had, and wouldn't believe me when I said "I'm honestly not sure", but also really strange, for how uncomfortable it made me. Oh, sure, that's something I've suspected of myself for a while now, but for it to be talked about at work is somehow absolutely not right or permissible in my mind, so if it gets brought up, I try to sweep it aside as quickly as possible, and hope it doesn't get mentioned again. The rest of the shift went well, although I was moving incredibly slowly for most of the night, and one customer made me decidedly uncomfortable by sticking his head way out of his vehicle and looking me right in the eye to say "You have a nice night, bud". In the same vein, on the way to work, somebody else who was riding their bike down the opposite side of the road crossed when they had a chance, heading straight toward me, and without a single word, took several pictures of my tail, and presumably continued on his way. It wouldn't be so weird if he said "I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to take a picture of your tail" or something, but no, he didn't, so I was glad to get to work and be away from people for several minutes.

With that, it's time I was going downstairs to get back to Wind Waker. That, or Trauma Team, because it would make a little more sense to play my new game first. Try saying that about Metroid: Other M though...

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