Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Break Would be Best

Even considering that though, I still badly want to watch the last ~20 minutes of this. Since about midnight, which was when I decided to be done with games for the day, and came upstairs to watch more Ghost Hunters, I've been doing just that, working through the three parts of the "Live at Stanley Hotel" Halloween episode. The first was decidedly boring in the beginning, but as soon as the employee tunnels were shown, and two of the investigators crawled back into the side room and heard... something saying "Hello?" and laughing, it's become steadily more and more creepy. The closure would be really nice, but I can't see them going over all the evidence they collected in only 20 minutes, so I've paused it there for tonight, and that will do until tomorrow, as I'm going to need at least ten minutes to work my way back to a normal state of mind. Still, I like the show, and that has to stand for something. The most creepy point by far tonight was just a few minutes ago (it happened two times actually), where the cameraman turned the camera to point down the hallway the investigators were looking at, but while they were still behind the camera, which made it feel much more real, and the idea of something being (barely) visible down at the end of that hallway significantly more unsettling. As for the funniest, probably where, as part of putting one of the rooms in the hotel in a state of disarray, the lamp was put on a chair, because it "looked tired". Yes <3

Before that though, the night was spent pretty much entirely playing games. I'm up to having cleared the second dungeon in Wind Waker (I can't remember the name right now), but the dungeon itself was ridiculously boring, both for the dull colors (maybe it doesn't help that I ventured into that area at night), and for the practically nonexistent music. The boss fight is the only point where either of those improved, but it didn't last long enough to notice. I would argue that the game looks nicer than Twilight Princess, but I'm still waiting for the point where it becomes fun, which is roughly near the time the entire ocean is opened up, instead of just being limited to where the game expects you to go next. In better news, however, I really enjoyed what I played of Trauma Team, which is something in this case, because it actually was fun, and I almost certainly wouldn't have stopped playing it at midnight if I didn't have other plans. Some of the new mechanics are confusing (the saw, for example), and some others, unpleasant (using a box cutter and ballpoint pen because they're the only things available is certainly... creative), and I like how a proper guide is given for what quotas need to be met in order to get an S rank, but I'm a bit worried as yet that the game may on the short side. In just tonight, I was able to complete three of the characters' story lines (up to the point where the next item is locked off), which would definitely also be to blame for why I stopped when I did as well. There's also the problem of how I had to delete my Elebits save to free storage space for new save files, but I don't recall being very much into that game after the novelty and newness wore off.

Anyway, I would write more here, but as with yesterday night, I'm starting to find it hard to keep my eyes open, so I'm going to bed. Sleeping in tomorrow would be really nice, because it'd help me not be tired at work for once, and to that end, I'm going to put a pillow in my window before laying down. It might also help to put my laptop right down on the floor, so I'm not tempted to open my eyes and check my emails if and when I wake up enough to want to, but if not, well, they're worth a try, at least. I also hope Kirby Squeak Squad arrives tomorrow, so I can get my $30 from Adam, but I'll worry about that once the afternoon comes. It's still night for now, and that means sleep~

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