Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Am (Kind Of) a Thief

If nothing else, fair's fair. I took a piece of the cake Brandon left in the walk-in at work last night, despite there being a note on the side saying not to touch it, and another on the top, saying that he'd taken a picture so he'd know how much was left. Normally, I wouldn't be so indifferent to what amounts to stealing, but this time, I feel it's justified, for two different reasons. One, when I first arrived at work, he told me that because I'd "been so awesome" by downloading stuff and buying things online for him, there was a McCain deep-dish pizza... no - cake (his words) in the walk-in. Mind you, I can't recall if he said anything after that, but I figure at very least, him telling me it was there could be seen as permission to take a piece, and at most, permission to take the entire cake, but that doesn't seem likely. Two, some time after I started working, he mentioned some part of a show that I'd never seen nor heard of, and when I told him as much, expressed surprise, saying that he thought I'd downloaded it, and when I told him no, saying that maybe George had me download it instead. I told him no again, on both counts, and then, unsurprisingly (at the time), he asked if I could find and download that show (The Big Bang Theory), and I said that would be fine, provided I remembered when I got home. Since then, I've downloaded season 1, and season 2 might be done by the time I get home from work tonight, as they aren't terribly large. As for the cake, I'm pretty sure I'll see him this afternoon, so I can explain then, or he might just see the note on top, where I told him it was me who had taken a piece, and if I wasn't supposed to / it was a problem that I had, I would replace the entire thing, because that's fair.

Work aside from that was mostly uneventful, with exception for Laura's endless complaining about Brandon not cleaning the dining room properly. I don't think she can hold him entirely at fault, because he left at 10 instead of 11, but the biggest problem she had was that when she asked him to do something, he'd just end up back in the middle after a short while, playing on his phone, which she essentially said she was going to have to get strict with him about. Do it, please, Laura. You're a manager, and you have every right to put your foot down on that sort of thing, but in the meantime, there's not much to be accomplished by getting angry about everything he didn't do when his shift ended four hours ago. Overall, she's still okay to work with, but still needs to get her priorities in order. In last night's case, have Brandon do prep work until 10, and take care of the entire dining room yourself. I believe it's called "taking one for the team".

Moving past work now, I emailed Michele before going to bed to say that it was October, and also to inform her of my plans for December and January. At first, I was going to ask about the Christmas party as well, because I'd rather not attend this year's after what happened last time, but I didn't feel entirely right doing that, and eventually settled upon a new way of approaching it come this December. If it's held before I go away to Toronto, I'll ask if my tail and ears would be an issue this time. If yes, I'll take that afternoon off, not to be a spoilsport or anything, but simply because that's my prerogative, and if no, I'll consider it. I definitely can see the point of the party as being a reward / thank-you to all the office volunteers, but I don't so much care about that anymore, in that the first thought that comes to mind when I think about going there again is not "It's going to be really annoying having to get up early again, but at least the Christmas party will make up for it".

Other than that, today is special, because the last episode of the current Doctor Who series is aired today, meaning I'll have a bunch of things to organize when I get home. I'd rather like to get started now, actually, so that way I can take a screenshot of my desktop without knowing that everything past it is still a mess of old torrents and whatnot, and I think I might as well. It's only 2:30 right now, which gives me half an hour at least, and as long as I don't procrastinate, that'll be plenty of time. Now to just think of a title for this entry...

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