Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Almost a Good Idea

This would be the ideal morning to do what I talked about before, but now that I have the opportunity, I am no longer certain about the idea. I am referring to staying up the entire night, or, as I was thinking on my way home from work, waking up a couple hours earlier than normal, and pushing through one last shift before coming home to have the day off, and to sleep in, with purpose, for once. As noted, I liked the idea when it came to mind on the way home, but now that it's almost 6am and I'm about five minutes away from calling it a night, it doesn't seem very good at all. I really enjoyed doing that last time I was in Toronto, even though not one of us made it for the entire night like we originally vowed to (I have the dubious privilege of being able to say that I stayed up the latest though), and I think the only difference between then and now is that I was doing it with purpose. Come to think of it, that entire day was fun from start to end. Stay up 'til 11:30 in the morning, then sleep until ~2, go out for a somewhat sleepy supper, and call it a night again around 2am. The closest I could see now, in terms of both fun and exhaustion, is working from either opening (or lunch time) until closing, on either a Friday or Saturday. I would absolutely do it, so long as I was guaranteed to have one day off (maybe even two) afterward, but according to things I've heard in the past, the legal implications of that would be undesirable, not to mention I'd feel quite near suffocated by the end of the night, from having spent so much time indoors. At any rate, I like the idea, but it all depends on how I feel tomorrow morning. I'll set my alarm for 1, and go from there.

One thing I would really like to see tomorrow is Adam's reaction to the Wii being missing. I brought it upstairs with me when I was finished playing games tonight, and intend to keep it here until he gives me an apology, or expresses understanding of what he did wrong. In short, it's like this: I left Wind Waker running when I set out for work, because I was about halfway through the tower you get the bow in, and didn't want to have to work my way back through the areas I'd already seen when I got home. To my dismay, however, I unlocked the door and walked back into the house about five hours after that, and found the Wii on standby. I figured it might just have turned off on its own, so I shrugged and pressed the power button again, and eventually got back into the game, only to find that... my save file had been replaced with one named "Dennis", which had Link at Forsaken Fortress for the first time. Yes, I am certain my current file was the one that had been erased, because each one displays the time it was last saved. Needless to say, I'm annoyed and angry, for three different reasons. One, evidently it's not as much common sense as I thought to not touch something if it looks like it's in use. Two, Adam has more than one memory card, so he could've used one of his own, and three, as mentioned above, the most recent save date (and time) is displayed underneath the file name, so while he may have confused the two (there were two named "Link"), he could've looked at the time and date to see which was more recent, and not touch that one. I don't feel like going back through both of the beginning dungeons right now either, so I just packed that game away for the night, and worked on Trauma Team. I'm up to the diagnosis part, and it's slow, and rather reminiscent of Phoenix Wright. It's all about spotting clues and finding abnormalities, which is okay, except for the visual examination, but it does leave me hoping for some action again soon.

Unfortunately, Michele should respond to my email about coming back sometime today, and after that, my free time will probably be more limited than it was before. Kirby Squeak Squad might also come for Adam tomorrow, but believe me, after what he did tonight, he definitely will not be getting that until I'm paid the full $30 that it cost, and resuming talking about Heart and Stroke, I don't know, really. I'm looking forward to going back there and helping out again, but almost want to be done as quickly this time as I was last year. Back then, I felt guilty that I'd completed my work so early, and was suddenly off for another half a year, but now, I'll happily help out when needed, and otherwise would like as much time as I can get to myself. At least for the moment. Once I get used to going back there again (if and when) those feelings could change completely, and with that, it might as well be time for bed. I've actually written something in here tonight, which should stave off any bad dreams about things on my mind before falling asleep (last night, I had a dream about going shopping for a new laptop, and asking fr one that was out of my price range, which was brought on by Dad giving me a laptop that's quite possibly older than I am, which I have absolutely no idea what to do with, as it has a total of 16MB of RAM, and runs MS-DOS...), and I can feel a nice, cool breeze blowing in my window, which should be helpful as well. At this rate I'll never find a good way to end this entry though, so at the end of this sentence, it is done until tomorrow~

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