Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Why Do I Bother?

As expected, Michele replied to my email this morning, but to say I'm irked about what she said would be an understatement. She thanked me for stopping by the office back in September, but then said that she can't see any reason to have me in right now, as there would be very little work to do, which apparently constitutes wasting my time. Thus, I now have to wait another four and a half months (until the middle of February) to email her again, and she might not need me even then, it's not until March or April that she said she'll definitely need me. Then she said thanks for asking Melissa to work only closes on Tuesday starting in January, because that means I'll still be able to help out there, wished me luck with my night course, and thanked me for "keeping her in the loop". That's it. An apology for keeping me perpetually waiting would kind of be appreciated, but I'm not going to get that, so what can I say? "Alright. I'll email you in February then"? I do find it amusing how she didn't mention the Christmas party at all, but I was thinking about it on the way home from work, and decided that even if she asks, I'll decline this year, because I won't have been there to do work at all yet since September, so I will effectively have no right. Probably not to her mind, but I still have lots of time to come up with ways to justify that decision, should the need for such arise. Also, somewhat related to that, he may have just been pulling my leg, as it were, but at work tonight, Orlando said, amidst several unrelated things, that I was on probation for being on line, which I am now going to consider frivolous, even if he was telling the truth. Why? Because of anything, I've been on line by myself more since Gabby said I wasn't allowed to be. Even on a shift with her as the manager one night, so I've decided that it's simply not worth my time to worry about anymore. If the day comes where somebody takes me aside for a serious discussion about what I'm doing wrong, then fine, I'll take whatever steps are necessary to correct that problem, but until then, anything other people might say will simply be seen as inconsequential.

That being said, tonight went really well, and I got to leave an hour early, which led to a really fun moment when I glanced at the clock after getting home and playing Trauma Team for a while, and saw that it wasn't even 2am - nowhere near the 3 or 4 that I was expecting it to be. The game is still pretty fun, too. I cleared the last couple diagnostic levels tonight, as well as the first autopsy, and turned the Wii off after saving only because I was getting tired. As for Wind Waker, Adam's excuse was that he saw the purple memory card plugged into the Gamecube, and because of that, somehow assumed the game was running on that, despite the controller cord being connected to the Wii instead. I admonished him to not do that again, at any rate, but upon going back downstairs after that, realized I hadn't asked him how he thought I was done playing the game. Maybe one of these nights I'll have to come home from work and interrupt whatever he left going on his 360 to play Guitar Hero. I guess I'll just wait for Skyward Sword right now. Maybe anticipating that game will make me excited enough one night to rush through Wind Waker's first two dungeons, and get back to where I was before. That doesn't really seem too likely though.

It's now getting to be about the time I call it a night again, but overall, I think today was fun. Waking up in the morning and not being able to remember what day it was, and therefore thinking I had the day off was fun, until I remembered my alarm was set for 1, and I had to work a supper shift, then the walk to work was nice and overcast and slightly rainy, which made work itself all that much better. I was tasked with doing prep work, which was easy because there wasn't much stock to prep, and after that, there were dishes which were easy enough to wash, and a few other simple things to get caught up. I'm still not entirely past my current bout of setting up pranks and such though, which is one thing I'm dissatisfied with. I do enjoy quite a bit of dry sarcasm in interacting with the other closers, and almost constantly figure out at least one trap to set for them per night, but trying to do the same on supper shift is extremely draining and exhausting, instead of amusing and enjoyable. In fact, I left work angry at myself for most of the things I'd done or said on Saturday night, and am getting over it now that I've had a chance to be serious again. It's curious how that - having fun with people I don't see very often - is intensely draining, yet to do it with other people who I do see regularly is practically something I have to do in order to not leave work grumpy at the end of the night. I'm definitely done once again though, and I don't believe tomorrow will hold anything special, so maybe I'll be able to sleep in again then. Just need to put my pillow in my window first...

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