Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Enough for a Couple Days

I wouldn't think it possible, but I feel like I'm at the limit for things I can learn for one day. I'm having a hard time making sense of what new facts are presented, such as information needed to fully understand the episode of the TV show I just watched, and it doesn't feel like there's anything that can be done to make it go away, aside from getting a good night's sleep. If there's one question saying that prompts though, it's "Why?", and my answer, in two words, is Trauma Team. I can't even remember what time I started playing it this afternoon, so for the sake of argument, let's say it was 3pm. I then proceeded to play it for the rest of the day, right up until ~4:30, with breaks to wash the dishes, and make supper for myself, and such else. When I started, I was three levels into Kimishima's set, and forced my way through the rest (which I think is the biggest reason for why I feel the way I do now), and when I decided to be done for the night, was up to her second appearance in the levels you have to unlock, by completing the first part of the game. Needless to say, it's compelling, immersive, and at least one other adjective that doesn't come to mind right now, and I'm very glad I bought it, but as the title of this entry says, I think I'll take tomorrow off, unless we get back from Tilbury early, and I don't want to do anything else. Otherwise, the break would be extremely helpful, and I don't much want to go on to another autopsy / forensics mess, so there's no sense forcing my way through that too, as I'll just end up more confused in the end.

Notable bits of things in it today were the chill throughout my entire body when the meaning of "Rosalia" was finally revealed. It still doesn't make sense why it was scratched onto that one girl's wall in her room (the one with the purple shirt, to avoid spoiling anything), or why the antagonist in the very last of Kimishima's normal levels said that even though they couldn't complete their mission, it would still get everybody. Not to mention that if the unknown ailment the purple-shirted girl was suffering from was that disease, then how was Kimishima able to touch the bones and not become infected, when direct contact is revealed to be the only way one can contract the illness? So many questions, but before I forget, this series of numbers is also very important:

13 12 11 12

2 1 1 1 2 3 3 3

3 4 1 5 8 6 9 3

2 3 4 1 6 8 9 7

The clue for the first was to make a series of four letters into eight numbers, so I initially tried using the letters' numeric values (in other words, 14 05 24 07 for NEXG), but that proved to be the wrong idea, as I learned from checking a certain part of the setting I should've to begin with. The second was fairly easy to determine, as there were only three numbers to work with, and the clues to find the solution were blatantly spelled out, but then the third is where I had quite a bit of difficulty. Not only did it involve having to find eight hidden symbols in a room, that I'm pretty sure weren't there before they were mentioned, but it was also supremely frustrating trying to match those symbols when they, as found in the room, did not exactly match what was shown on the diagram of them proper. As for the fourth, I figured it out on my first try, but didn't understand the logic behind it until the explanation after giving the solution. The rest was pretty much a mess, and reminds me of Phoenix Wright all over again. When I got stuck in that game, I'd go over each and every piece of evidence I had, presenting it to every person possible, or objecting with it, if in a court session. Brute force does have its advantages, but being more confused about what's what that didn't directly involve the level at the end is a mess. More questions will undoubtedly come up with time, but for now, I think I'll restrict myself to trying to improve my rank on already-completed levels, as there are quite a few of those to work on.

In other news, there isn't much to say, as a result of having not done much with my day. I wish I didn't have to get up early tomorrow to go to Tilbury, but it's better now than waiting for a couple more months. It's not like there's much to look forward to there though. I was thinking about going to Tim Hortons afterward, but realized I'd be better off keeping my ten dollars change to give to Mom, and deal with whatever I get paid on Thursday. I want to put away at least $100 for December no matter what, and at the rate things are going, I just might be able to. Also, Adam said he'd be giving me some of the money I'm owed, but I'm not sure what to do with that yet. I guess the first thing to do will be to wait until work tomorrow night to get a look at my pay stub. Hopefully it works out with my figuring thus far~

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