Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not Sure About This

For some reason, I get the feeling that he'll either show up late, or not show up at all tonight. Back on Wednesday, Brandon said that he wanted to stop by here on his way to work today, to get the couple more things I've downloaded for him since last time, because he's going to Ottawa, presumably on the weekend. That much is fine, but the last time he was over here to get such things, which was before George left, he actually told me to stop at a certain point, because he was getting too tired, and wanted to go home. I could probably stand to give him more credit this time, but the stuff he wants will take at least an hour to copy, so the only way I can see it working is if he drops his hard drive off here, and has me bring that in when I head up to work tonight. At any rate, past this point I'm only downloading weekly episodes of The Big Bang Theory for him, everything released of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures thus far (I know), and as of just earlier this afternoon, a partially complete torrent for season 14 of Pokémon. Not that I've watched them at all in about a year, but give it time, and I'm sure I'll get back to those eventually. As for the others, I watched six proper episodes of the first last night, and they've been largely satisfying thus far, so my biggest regret is that the torrent is so fantastically slow. The second show is interesting as well, but it doesn't feel quite so serious as the first. More realistic, perhaps, but it's hard to take seriously, which is pretty much what I just said.

As you might expect, my dreams last night were suitably interesting, but I can't remember any of them, aside from knowing that they weren't really frightening. Looking back now, they might have lasted longer had I not been too hot laying in bed, but I'll have to watch another episode or two tonight, then sleep with more weather-appropriate sheets to see if the same thing happens again. It'll probably be another long night anyway though, as like Manoah said on Wednesday, he doesn't remember everything about closing anymore - I personally might say that Laura currently knows how to do more than he remembers - which means that I'll be the only person there who has a solid idea of what they're doing. He and Tom are about the same for that, and he made up his mind a couple nights ago that Tom would be on drive through. Oh well. What I really want from tonight is to get the money Manoah said he put in the safe for me yesterday (not all that he currently owes me, which I expected, but at least a third), and go across the street to make a deposit, because I could be reasonably well-off for money after that, and that's including setting $100 aside for December. I admit I did spend ~$50 back on Wednesday night after work to buy a Trauma Team art / guide book (and on a related note, a package which I think contains Metroid Prime Trilogy arrived today), but between what Adam gave me yesterday, and what Manoah says is in the safe, I should not have to use my debit card anywhere for the next week, at least, and absolutely do not want to buy anything else online. I would like more orange sorbet, but that can be bought at Food Basics or Sobeys, and can thus be paid for with cash.

On that food-related note, I'm off to make some waffles for breakfast (I had cereal when I woke up, but then remembered I wanted waffles as well), and then to watch a couple more episodes of either of the shows mentioned above, so that sounds like a pretty fun afternoon. I want to wait until Brandon gets here to open that package (assuming he doesn't immediately take off for work after giving me his hard drive) so as to have something to do, but in that regard, today will be my break from games day. Any more, and I'll put myself off playing them for at least a week...

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