Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It Was Clear Before

I suppose there's no harm in mentioning that I have - or perhaps had certain plans in mind for later this week. The 13th is coming up on Thursday, and if that entire day should go by without hearing from somebody I was supposed to be commissioning five pictures from before, they'll be getting negative feedback, and one last email requesting a refund, even though that's not likely to happen at this point. Also, it's been on my mind for a bit that the date on which all the infamous (at least to me) events were set into motion a year ago, and I'd like to write a retrospective entry about that, to compare where I was then to where I am now, but try as I might, I cannot determine the exact date that everything started. The very first time I mentioned it in here was on the 16th of October, which is a Sunday this time 'round, which I have to close on, thus preventing me from being able to fully focus. The problem with that date is how I could be sure I paid the artist for the commissions mentioned above on the 13th of October (and indeed, I have a couple different emails to corroborate that), and that said commissions were to try and take my mind off of my ever-growing feeling utterly deplorable. I suppose the uncertainty could be used to decide to just write that entry on the 13th instead, but I don't want to set a definite date, or I'll end up feeling bad, and never getting around to it after that, because I'll want to write about feeling bad, but will lose my train of thought at some point.

Also in regards to feeling bad, my decision to not write at least one entry a day if I didn't have anything to say is starting to cause me more stress than it was originally decided upon so I could be rid of. I'm not saying I want to start writing every single day again, because some of the time I really do just not have anything to say. To apply that to the past couple days, Sunday afternoon was just uneventful, but today I had plenty of free time, and didn't get to this mostly because of how tired I was instead. I got about five hours of sleep last night, thanks to having to make two loaves of bread (in retrospect, they'd probably have been just as fit for serving cold, but I thought they absolutely needed to be as warm as possible for some reason), and surprisingly have not slept at all since waking up at noon, but I'll get there soon, and then tomorrow, well, for right now, I most like the thought of playing Metroid Prime and washing the dishes in between, then going out for another small snack from 7-11 after midnight or so, but not eating anything else at all. Over the past couple days, I've once again dropped back into eating far too much, and I can't let that go on for much longer. Getting back to Thanksgiving now, the bread was okay, but I was unable to serve the Sleepin' in Omelette at lunch, for two reasons. One, when I prepared it before going to bed, I forgot to mix the milk in with the eggs, and two, I woke up at noon thinking I'd have plenty of time to put it in the oven, but Mom was using it for the turkey, which I really should've anticipated. I still heated it up for supper though, and despite not putting the milk on 'til later, it tasted fine enough.

The day since then has been made up mostly of playing games on the Wii, watching Ghost Adventures, and waiting for more TV Shows to download. I actually have a list of bookmarks right now, indicating that new episodes of Family Guy air on Sundays, Ghost Hunters on Wednesdays, The Big Bang Theory (for Brandon) on Thursdays, Ghost Adventures on Fridays, and Pokémon and Doctor Who on Saturdays, all of which link to their respective Wikipedia pages. I feel it's rather efficient, but unfortunately, I'm afraid to close Google Chrome, because I created the bookmarks in Incognito Mode, and worry that if I do, they'll all be lost. Everything is current though, with exception for Ghost Hunters, so it's really only a matter of my torrents folders quickly becoming cluttered with files. On that note I have some to rename right now, and then I think I'll have an early bedtime, because if I watch the episode of Ghost Adventures that I was going to, I'll end up either too exited or afraid to go to bed right away, and I haven't been having very much luck with my dreams being coherent after watching several episodes just before going to bed. That's part of the reason I'm so tired right now, but I'm almost there. Just a few minutes more...

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