Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

They'd Better Be Done Soon

Since about 10:00 this morning, people have been over in the lot next door, working on something to do with the building that's going up. That in itself isn't any different than other mornings, but today, they're hammering or nail-gunning or stapling something repeatedly, and it got quite annoying earlier while I was still trying to sleep, because of how often the sound would be made, and the fact that although it would stop for long enough to fall back asleep every now and then, it would inevitably start up again, waking me up for another ten minutes, if not longer. When I went downstairs upon waking up and deciding to stay awake, it looked like they were working on the new fence, which would explain the need for nails, but regardless of that actually being what they're working on, they're still at it six hours later. It's probably going to go that as soon as I head downstairs again, they'll stop, but that's okay, so long as they do something different tomorrow. Most likely not, but we'll see then.

With that being said, I find myself at a loss of things to say again. I tried writing in here last night, before going to bed, but that didn't work out, because I quickly came to the conclusion that I only wanted to do so as a means of procrastinating regarding leaving feedback for the person I bought Metroid Prime Trilogy from and such. Still, that kept me awake until 6:30am, and I did at least finish up those other things I wanted to do before going to sleep. Unfortunately, one of those things was leaving feedback regarding a commission other than the one I'll be dealing with today (unless the seller miraculously responds within the last three hours of the deadline I gave them). Just before I logged into the site to take care of that, I couldn't help but glance over the list of popular auctions. One thing led to another, culminating in seeing a tail that looked really neat, but which I had no interest in bidding on the commission for, which has been distracting me since then. If anything, that's at least a step up from before. I jump right to being distracted (although others might say "depressed"), instead of first being angry at the other person, then angry at myself, then upset, and finally over it, but for lingering thoughts, but I still wish I could do away with that completely. I can't see any method of accomplishing such that doesn't involve me doing away with those topics of personal interest from myself completely though, and I'm not going to do that because it's a surefire way of finding myself back where I started (sooner or later), and I've already been prolonging such things for long enough to be mostly used to how that feels. What I would really like to do first is find some way to skip directly to writing about such events as I have above. Writing helps get them off my mind, but more often than not, I can't right away, for not liking how what I've written sounds.

At any rate, I still have a pretty full day ahead of me. Metroid Prime until I get bored with it (I called it a night after acquiring the Spider Ball last night), then start into Wind Waker again, and go out to Tim Hortons (maybe) for supper, but not until at least 9pm, because I want to get back into eating very little to nothing at all before getting home from work, or when I'd be getting home from work on nights that I have off. Fortunately toward that, everything from Monday is gone already, so if I want anything else, I need to either make it myself, or pay for it. I think there may actually still be some ice cream left though, so that can be breakfast. As for things to come, I'm still not really looking forward to this weekend, but I'm not dreading the thought of having to close four nights in a row either. Remember when I worked nine before, and enjoyed nearly every moment of it? Having fun with whoever else was closing was definitely a big part of that, but seriously, it's only four nights. Just focus on getting through Friday and Saturday first, as they have the potential to be busy and aggravating, then look at Sunday and Monday as two shifts separate from the weekend, since they should be less busy. My hands will probably be in desperate need of moisturizer by the time closing on Monday comes around, but I'll deal with that then. Otherwise, I should enjoy what time I have today, and not spend any more time up here, because they're back to working on the fence, and I can't take another minute of that. Here's hoping it rains tomorrow morning~

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