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Wiiiiiiiiiii (and furmeet)

I got a Wii today :D Woke up around 4, and called EB Games on the off chance that they might not've gotten any in at all today, but to my surprise, I was told they had two left. So I quickly ran upstairs, and asked Mom if we could run out there to get one. So I got that, as well as Twilight Princess.

Anyways, the furmeet. In a single word, it was awesome ^_^ (it must've been if I'm using that smiley :p). Best part of the night? Sitting in the corner watching Guitar Hero on the TV, and two guys (at least I'm assuming they were guys) walk in wearing fursuits, and ruffle my hair. Say whatever you like, but yeah. That could've been the only thing that happened, and I still would've gone home happy.

So, from beginning to end, because I can't think of where to start otherwise.

From 3 - 4 in the afternoon, I was extremely stressed out, and jumped every single time a car drove past our house. I had told Mom and Dad I was going to be gone somewhere, but I didn't tell them anything specific, so I had the feeling that questions would be asked. As far as I'm concerned now, they can ask their questions, and I'll answer what I can. Around 4:30, I got tired of waiting downstairs, so I went up to my room, and did random stuff on my laptop for a while. Then, there was a knock on the door. Threw it onto the bed, ran downstairs, and saw, as given in the description "the big biker-esque guy with glasses, goatee and toque" :p Ran back upstairs to tell Mom I was leaving, and after telling her I was going to London, and explaining that it was nothing harmful (to us, at least), and then we were off.

Pulling onto the 401, you asked me an interesting question, squnq. Specifically "What species are you exactly?" To be honest, before now, I would've said "Human". Not any more. Snow leopard for life ~<3 Lord knows the last thing I need though is to be getting philosophical when there's plenty of other things I could be doing, so I'll stop now :s

Getting to London was fairly uneventful, and I regret paying what I did for Vista after what was brought up, but it's too late now, I guess :\ Had Arbys and Dairy Queen for supper, and I badly want to go there (Dairy Queen) when we pick up Dad from work, to order a Blizzard, and see if they turn it upside down to prove it's mixed up :3 And then we were off to the furmeet.

Walking in the door was an experience in itself as well. "...and this is Karadur, from Chatham..." First time in my entire life anyone's called me by that name (in person, at least), so it was pretty cool. Spent pretty much the rest of the night sitting in the doorway, watching whatever was going on on the TV, 'till I finally decided to move up and sit on the couch :s Yeah, I don't have alot to say about the actual meet itself, but that's because I just sat in the corner all night and didn't say anything. I'm so ashamed of myself ;_; Well, not quite, but it sounds good :p

And the only other thing aside from that was the ride home, which was largely uneventful as well, except for that I either almost fell asleep, or actually did, then woke up thinking "I hope he didn't notice" :s

The only real regret I have about going to it and everything, is having nothing to show for it :\ Once again though, it was only my first time going to such a thing, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised

The most amusing thing about all this happened this morning though. As soon as Adam got home from work, he asked me what I'd gone to London for. His first two guesses were that I either went to a bar, or a strip club :p If he's still bothering me about it in a couple days though, I dunno, I may just tell him "I went to a furmeet" and let him work things out from there. Although he isn't, he does know what furries are, so it shouldn't be that difficult.

Oh, and one more question: what was the name of the CD we were listening to on the way there and back? It might've been rather repetitive, but I still liked it, and I want to see if I can find somewhere to download it.

And now, I'm going to 7-11, and when I get home, we'll see if I can't work up the nerve to make a post to furry_gamers containing my Wii code :3

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