Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Almost a Routine

For the first time since it started happening, I wasn't surprised to go in to work last night and find that I'd once again been scheduled to close from Friday to Monday next weekend. I think I'd actually like it more if that was my default schedule, and was changed only as the need arose, but chances are come next Friday, I'll head to work, walk to the back, and see a supper shift one one of the days in my row. Not that supper shifts are all that bad either, but it usually goes that just as I'm becoming used to something there, it'll change. Oh well. Earning more money is really the only direct benefit of the shifts I have right now, and I'm comfortable until next week, at least. If Manoah gives me another hundred dollars then, that will be locked away with the other hundred already in my room, and I think all of my other expenses are paid for already. Gas money can either come from the cash I still have in my wallet, or from the remainder of the GST check I got in the mail earlier this week, and the internet has been paid for too, meaning that my entire pay will be for me for once. Further to that, I think I might try to put two, or even three hundred dollars away for December instead. It would be really nice to be able to do that, actually...

In any case, I had a dream about that last night too. I was in Toronto, and had done various things with Dan, that came all in a very rushed blur, and then suddenly we were back at what I took to be the train station - it looked like just a normal stretch of street with train tracks running through it - waiting for the train to arrive. Dan was with me (I can't remember why, but I think we were going home together), and while we were waiting for the train to arrive, we were talking about the things we'd done, and I was trying to figure out in my mind what seemed wrong about what I was experiencing. The visit in the dream felt very quick - a couple days at most - but I could still remember that my actual visit was for a little more than a week, which finally clued me into that I was having a dream, causing the dream to end, but me to remain asleep. For that last part, I thank the beautiful weather lately. Especially since yesterday night, what with all the wind and rain and cold, all making for a very relaxing sleep. Also, another short dream that came after that had me at work, with a big jar of cashews, that I ate a couple of as I was carrying the jar down to wherever it needed to go. Apparently that was drive through, because I took it down there, and proceeded to fill two normal (but unusually tall) cups with the cashews, which I think were for the customers, and the remainder were for us. However, as a result of my snacking, there were only one or two cashews left in the entire container, which seemed impossible, and made me ashamed. If I could explain it, I would, but I don't think there's much hope of that.

It's nearly time I was leaving for work now though, but because I want to go to Food Basics first, I think I will ask about getting a ride. I don't much feel like moving from here right away, so a "Yes" would be nice to hear...

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