Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

"Kind of A Lot of Things"

Brandon described some items he wants me to buy for him now as that in an email he sent earlier this morning. It might help me some to know roughly how many things he's after, so as to get a general idea of how much they would cost, but he failed to specify that, just as he failed to provide links to any of what he wants / needs this time. I could be more exasperated about that, but he's been either in or on the way to Ottawa for the concert he had me buy a ticket for since last weekend, and I would also like much more to wait until he gets back to discuss the specifics, so he can come over here and get what I've downloaded for him since the last update at the same time. My schedule might make that difficult, because as noted yesterday, I have Tuesday and Thursday off this week, but am closing otherwise, but I'll leave that up to him to work out with me. He's more than welcome to come over here during the afternoon and have things taken care of then. For now though, I sent him a reply confirming that yes, we do get paid this Thursday, as well as to inform him that I had Tuesday and Thursday off, and to ask him to check the sites for whatever he wants to make sure the items can be paid for with Paypal. Not that using my Visa is out of the question, but there's somewhat of a delay attached to it (not to mention fees). The one thing I'll say for myself is that I refuse to let buying things for him affect (almost) the entirety of my pay going to me this week, but he said he'd pay me back as soon as possible, and has been pretty good for that recently, so we'll see. I do have to give him some credit for showing restraint this time, and not just giving me several links with instructions to "buy all of these".

Other than that though, today is thus far boring, as a result of having not left my room since I woke up. I kind of want to go downstairs for more ice cream and get back to Metroid Prime, to start collecting item expansions in Magmoor Cavern, but I don't as well, because it feels like I don't have enough time. Not one, but two more nights of this, and then a day off, followed by closing with Manoah, which I hope will be nice. In addition, I hope that he walks home that night, because I have a buy one get one free coupon for medium Slurpees for 7-11 that expires on the 21st, and would like to be able to give the other one to somebody without just taking it up to work and asking "Does anybody want this?", but he'll probably get a ride. I suppose I could also just go out to 7-11 on Tuesday night, and offer the other Slurpee to somebody here, but the trick is that I don't really want one myself. If somebody else is at the same time, then sure, but otherwise, they're not part of what I would usually get there, so it feels unnecessary. Then again, it's kind of also unnecessary to go on at length about the difficulties regarding Slurpee coupons. I had one that expired before and didn't really feel one way or the other about it, but now, well, maybe it's a subconscious desire to do what George and I used to do all the time again. The closest I've come to that recently was last week, when Laura bought something from Tim Hortons for everybody, but we don't close together again until Sunday. George definitely needs to get back to me soon though. I think I'll wait until the 13th of December, and if he hasn't responded by then, give him an as yet undecided amount of time to respond before I stop downloading new episodes of Doctor Who and such for him, and after that's elapsed, the same amount of time before I delete them to free up the space on that hard drive. There's no sense hanging on forever in hopes that he'll respond, but I can wait for a bit longer.

On that note, I'm off to enjoy ice cream for lunch, and to hopefully complete another area of item gathering in Metroid Prime. It should be easier tonight, since we close at 1 instead of 3, but being done that before leaving for work would be even better, since there are two more areas to cover after that. I'll definitely be done with the game by the end of the week though, so let's see if I can't be on to Metroid Prime 2 before then~

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