Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not Much Time Today

Due to my almost complete forgetting, up until yesterday night, I thought my last shift before having Tuesday off was 8 - close, but Gabby pointed out that somebody had me written down on the hand washing sheet for Sunday as starting at 7 then (which would've meant I was an hour late for my shift, and not one person (me included) noticed), prompting me to check the schedule, and find that I actually start at 7pm tonight. That part of it is fine, with exception for not having much time to go before needing to leave, however, since then, I've been seeing working today as a supper shift for some reason, almost like the 4 - close shift back when George was still there, right before having three days off. I kind of do wish I could get that though, just for a change. Pile inordinately long shifts onto my schedule without breaks between them for as long as it takes for me to work the number of hours I normally do, then give me the rest of the week off after that. For that desire, I would blame work not being challenging, but it's about as likely to happen as it would be for me to wake up tomorrow and find it to be the 1st of November. Still though, tonight's early start will be nice, and I already know what I'm doing after work (it involves snacks and a certain game), so I'm looking forward to it. With that being said, however, today hasn't been entirely good. The hour or so before waking up earlier was stressful, and makes me wonder why I'm still having dreams about going to Toronto, even though I haven't been thinking about it before going to bed over the past couple nights.

Most recently, the dream was centered around me being there, but having forgotten almost everything I wanted to bring. I had my wallet, laptop, the clothes I was wearing, and presumably my train ticket to get back home, but nothing else. Baking supplies? On my top bunk, where they're kept until I find a better place for them. Games? On the same shelf as all the rest. I even got the feeling that I wanted my AA batteries for some reason (probably to do with games) but had forgotten those as well, leading to thinking about going out to get some more, and on the same note, taking Dan aside and telling him that while I'd forgotten my baking supplies, I still wanted to bake things, so we'd have to go out to buy that stuff as well. Measuring spoons are what I saw in my mind, and indeed, he must have been thinking the same thing, but unlike how he normally acts (that I've seen, anyway), he told me that if we were going to go out to get those, we'd better leave right then, which was unusually forceful for him. Also, the clothes I was wearing were unlike what I usually dress in. My pants were still the same - normal blue jeans - but instead of a t-shirt, I was wearing an undershirt, and a black dress shirt over it. I remember getting dressed in the bathroom, and while I was buttoning the shirt up, looking at myself in the mirror, and seeing something rather frightening. My face was much darker than normal. My other extremities still looked like they usually do, but my face, well, by comparison, the color was closer to Manoah's. At first, that seemed completely natural and just as it should be, but eventually it dawned on me that that wasn't how I looked in real life, causing me to wake up, and realize that it had all been a dream, which was a great relief. As for what brought that dream (and possibly others like it) on though, I'm not sure, as I haven't been thinking about the trip before going to bed specifically for a while. I have, however, been thinking about how I haven't talked to Dan and Xion for at least a week, which makes me feel bad, but I have practically nothing to talk to them about. I do really need to think of something, and to that end, perhaps try forgoing writing an entry in here for one day, and talking to one of them about whatever happened on that day instead.

In other news, Mom's birthday is coming up in a week and three days (next Thursday), so on the way out to Food Basics on Saturday, Dad asked Naomi and I if we had any plans. I didn't (and in fact did not even remember / realize her birthday was coming up), nor did Naomi, so he told us that she apparently wants another ice cream cake, and also, that he thinks she would like KFC for supper. Skip ahead to yesterday night, and I had gone downstairs to make some toast, where I suggested taking her out to Lucky In(n) instead, since she likes going there, but he's worried about the price, and I'm less willing to pay for the entire meal myself this year. As such, I took the idea of KFC in a slightly different direction, and suggested going to the one out on Queen Street, as I'm pretty sure they have a dining room that we could eat in, so it would sort of be like going out. His problem with that is work schedules. I should almost certainly have Thursday off, but Adam and / or Naomi might not, so I suggested he ask them, and that was that, up until right now. I'll ask whoever is downstairs when I leave for work, but first I need to go shave (especially before somebody gets into the bathroom before me), and then not be late. I still expect it to be an enjoyable night though, so at least there's that~

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