Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

That Was a Success

I wanted to go out to Value Village at some point today, to look for more t-shirts and maybe a pair of pants or two, and just came home from exactly that, having purchased three of the former, and two of the latter. Maybe that is a bit much, considering I'll inevitably settle on one outfit and not wear anything else, but I will need more than one outfit for December, so if anything, I'm just ahead of myself, which is nothing new. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the dishes being done tonight, or really anything else that I had or have planned for this day off, but I'm going to wash those once I finish here, then just maybe go out for supper. That is somewhat unnecessary after I just went out to 7-11 last night, but I think I've earned this day off through how work went yesterday, if nothing else. For the most part, it wasn't a busy night, but it was for a bit right when I started, which was also when one memorable part of the shift happened.

According to Nicole, the first customer whose order I took the cash for said they had a winning ticket-coupon thing (the pieces of paper that come on the contest cups), so when they pulled up to the window, I asked for that slip before adding said item to their order. What was the driver's response? "Well, I have the coupon, but I don't have it with me...". I told her that I was sorry, but there was nothing I could do for her, prompting the exact same response again, after which I offered to add the item to her order for 99 cents, since she already had a combo, which she begrudgingly agreed to. The rest of the transaction passed normally, and she left after getting her food, still looking annoyed, but seriously? What would the point to having the contest cups be if we didn't require the slips from them for the prizes to be redeemed? Also, a while after that, a different customer yelled at me, which stood out enough for Gabby to say "You got yelled at!" on my way up front, which was just amusing instead. Yes, I got yelled at, but no, it doesn't really bother me. Had that particular guy simply spoken up, there wouldn't have been any problems at all, but he didn't, and became mildly irate when I asked him to repeat himself more than once. I'm just doing my job. Otherwise though, aside from washing the dishes, I swept, scrubbed, and mopped the entire floor myself, cleaned the fry table, and also cleaned the grill, while still managing to be a step or two ahead of Gabby at the end of the night. Of course, she didn't so much as say "Thanks", but I wasn't really hoping for that in the first place. It was just nice to do more than normal.

Aside from work, I got stopped by a cop on the way home (they slowly drove past me in the direction I was walking, then turned around and drove up to me again, in the oncoming lane, which was dumb, considering there was a side street a couple steps away), who, instead of asking the normal questions, wanted to see what was in the box I was carrying (absolutely nothing, which I proved by opening it), then somehow inferred that I was on my way home from work, and asked where I worked. I answered, he said thanks and drove away, then I went to 7-11, and made it the rest of the way home as normal. Once at home, I didn't play Metroid Prime as long as expected - maybe an hour at most - but I'm up to being nearly finished now. As for plans for Mom's birthday mentioned previously, which I also talked to Dad about last night, he's changed his mind about what to do for supper, so I think we're going to Lucky In(n) now, and apparently Mom also wants to make her own birthday cake, which is a little odd. I have dishes to wash now though, and laundry to put in the washing machine after that, so I'm off to get started. Or at least that's what I thought ten minutes ago...

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